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Pictures of radiation levels along roads in Israel with COM

on iddd.de 3.4.2007

13 Feb 2007, pictures from blog "No Radiation"

exposures to radiation from an Israeli electrosensitive guy's blog: Blue-Tooth, anetnnas, mobile computer (the picture at the bottom), computers (flat screen vs. cathodic tube), and more.

He died, Yuri Stern used to talk on the cell phone

Tue, 16 Jan 2007

Died the person who advanced the non-ionizing law in Israel

Today a parliament member who helped us a lot to advance the non-ionizing radiation law, died of brain tumor. Yuri Stern used to talk non-stop on the cell phone, but NON-STOP. All the time, with everyone.

Dr. Zamir Shalita warned him alot, to stop doing this. He got the tumor where he was exposed to the radiation. Several months ago he was diagnosed, and rather quickly, he died. He was relatively young, he had a sharp mind, smart, he knew how to talk to the cellular companies and the health ministry, once he yelled at the head of the center of disease control, that he is not doing he job protecting the public, and since then the latter stopped coming to the parliament meetings. He conditioned a state fund for studies on the cellular radiation, in participation of Dr. Zamir Shalita and honest scientists to watch after the state workers.

He used to lecture without papers, because his mind was so bright, that everything just flew of the brain, he was sensitive to the public complaints, and he received a lot of material on dangers of the radiation, about the cheating in radiaition measurements, that none else received. He once said on TV that all the measurements/ calibrations of the cellular antennas in Israel, are "sucked from the finger" (in hebrew it means- they are worthless and lie).

His interest in the subject started after russian immigrants who live in elderly pensions, complainted that the cellular companies and the owners of these buildings, use their helplessness and lack of knowldge of the hebrew language, to erect alot of antennas on the buildings, and they felt sick. He was sensitive to this because he was also a russian immigrant, and he acted to help them.

He organized all the meetings about the non-ionizing law, trying to balance between the interest of the industry and public, he set the whole issue of distances from sensitive places like schools etc. Now the Envi. ministry is trying to change the law with some new nuances. None can replace him. It is terrible.


Vaccines deaths in Israel

Mon, 15 Jan 2007, from atzmonh und bezeqint.net
on iddd.de, 17 Jan 07

(see also exVaccines: The Deadly Cure
"The only safe vaccine is one that is never used."
Dr. James R. Shannon, former director of the National Institute of Health)

15 people died in Israel within a period of one month (middle October to November), their deaths were close to the time when they received the flu vaccines. Today it was revealed that the number the health ministry reported to the public, 4 cases only- was false, while actually 15 died shortly after being vaccinated [[and as we know them, there are probably more they don't report]]. The head of viral diseases department of the health ministry said in a lecture in Ben Gurion university that there were actually 15 cases.

It was not supposed to leak to the media, but what she did not know was that she was taped and the info arrived to the media, the info was reported first on the radio in the morning and then in the evening news, in the three channels.

It was also found that although the health ministry claims that the reason for the deaths was not related to the vaccines but they were regular death cases, part of the 105 people who die in Israel on averagr every day, and although the health ministry claimed the people died of heart attack and it "cannot be related to the vaccine", one family gave the dead body, the familiy member who died after he was vaccinated, for a post mortem surgery, and in post mortem it was found, in contrast to the health ministry claim, that he did not die of anything related to the heart, and actually none knows why he died.

But all the cases died closely after they were vaccinated, and the health ministry denies the link. The issues first arrived to the headlines after an alert nurse noticed three death cases in the same clinic, after receiving the vaccines. the three families are sure the deaths were relaetd to the vaccines, they claim the health ministry hides the truth. and they took a lawyer to sue the health ministry. It is also of interest, that the former health minister, Danny Nave, took the flu vaccine lately and he got the flu...

The Danish study funded by the cellular companies

Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006


The Danish Cohort found that of the 420,095 people studied only 14,249 cancers were diagnosed (fewer than the 15,001 predicted from national cancer rates.); unethical

In Israel it was informed (two national newspapers, radio, internet and TV ) that the study was funded by very respected bodies- the Danish cancer society and the "Danish research consulship". When some critical readers reacted to the internet articles that this study must have been funded by the cellular companies, others replied that it can't be, because how can the Danish cancer society be related to the companies? no chance.

NOT ONE WORD was said in the media about
the industry involvement in this study. The paid expert prof Yossi Riback who runs the environmental unit in the public health school of Tel Aviv university, told on the evening TV news that this study can be used to calm the public, and that it did not find any link, "PERIOD."

He also said that the panic and hystery of the public is what causes damage to health. He is a tutor of Thesis and doctorats in the university. The afternoon TV report said that the study did not include children, and that another study did show link to ear tumors, and that it is not a green light to use the phone 8 hours aday.

Dr. Sigal Sadezki was interviewed yesterday on the radio, from Texas, where she is now, about the Danish study and the Interphone. She said that the problem of the study is that they did not check whether the subscriber is also the talker, she also said that the same researchers are also in the INTERPHONE, She emphasized that the methodology of the study is different from the INTERPHONE methodology, because in the Danish study they did not speak with the people, and in the INTEHPHONE they did speak with them, and they devided the subjects to groups according to their phone use, as control groups.

She said the results will be released "soon" and that the reason she cannot talk about it yet, is because it has not gone through peer review yet.
Here are the internet versions of the reports as published in the printed newspapers:




Pictures of radiation levels with COM


Info from: "Iris Atzmon", atzmonh@bezeqint.net

A new Israeli Blog presents the findings of radiation measurements with COM device: DECT phone radiation


radiation along roads in Israel, the person who took the measurements, tells in the blog that he returned home with a headache.


Kindergardens closed down because of magnetic fields


Two Kindergardens were closed because of high radiation level

Doron Nahum, Maariv newspaper 8.11.06 page 19

The mayor of Herzelia, Yael German, ordered to close two kindergardens in Herzelia, "Marganit" and "Calanit", and to move the children to another place. The decision was taken after it was found out that the electromagnetic radiation level in the kindergardens is higher than the Enviornment Ministry's recommended standard. The municipality's spokesman Ilan Phalo said that the children were moved immediately to a new area far from the place.

The chairman of the municipal parents' committee, Eli Yacobi, told Maariv that "the muninicipal parents committee and the municipality, have been taking radiation measurements in education institutions during the last weeks". He said that in one of the kindergardens two measurements were done separately, which proved that there is radiation in the place, which is coming from powerlines above the kindergarden.

In an additional kindergarden there was high radiation from an electricity box inside the building. The power company said that "the powerline received all the required permissions, including from the municipality of Herzelia. The powerline stands in the recommendations of the expert committee's report about non-ionizing radiation, which were set by the law for new powerlines.

If one calculates the average field in which the children are present in different places in the kindergarden, it is impossible to attribute health effects to this powerline. If the municpality wants to change the line they can order it from the power company".

The antennas cause reduction in sexual desire

Osafias activity becomes stronger

Last week Anonymous lighted a fire in a house in Osafia in which a cellular antenna was erected. According to the suspicion, the people who burned also managed to damage the equipment that was in the place. It is an abandoned house whose owner died two years ago and his widow moved to live with her family. The police started investigating but arrested none until now.

Last week a brochure was distributed with the last warning before starting a religious and social boycott on residents who agree to place antennas in their house. In the brochure, 14 Druz Imams warn together with the heads of the Christian community and the Muslim leaders, that every person who will not respond in rejection to erect an antenna in his house, exopses himself to the anger of God and ostracism by the religion leaders. A religious person who will agree to put antenna in his house will be excluded from prayer places, until he removes the antenna.

If he is a secular - he is completely ostracized and the public will be asked not to participate in any party that he will do or to participate in his grief in case a disaster will happen to him. None of the people in the village will buy or sell him things The mayor and vice mayor signed on the document, whose writers detailed the damage from cellular radiation- "scientific pubilcations link the radiation with cancer, reduction in sexual desire, damage that affects the next generations, learning difficulties, memory damage", warns prof. Padel Mansur from volcanic institute, "the main affected are children and women".

Last Thursday, Dr. Micha Bar Hana, manager of cancer registry was invited to the municipality and claimed that there is no proven connection between the cellular radiation and cancer, but admitted that there is an increase of cancer rate in Dalia and Osafia, 6% more than the national average. The municipality people asked him to start doing a serious survey about the cancer rate in the two village, and Bar Hana prominsed that his institute will start the survey this year. "62 antennas were in the village" said the mayor Dr. Akram Hason, "I have decided to remove them, even if there is no proven connection to cancer, in order to calm the people down, today there are 19 antennas left and we don.t know their place and they will be removed" he promised.

And non- formal data is that 2 weeks ago 4 people died from cancer in Osafia And -there is no cellular reception in the village- the companies turned the antennas off as a revenge because the municipality told them to move all the antennas to a hill near the village and the companies didn't like this idea

Hadid Rashi,

Yediot Haifa, 22.4.05

It's definitely in the air, a wind of change is felt here.

I hope I will be able to make you feel the wind wherever you are. There is a wave of Israeli public awareness to the issue of the microwave radiation, the antennas, the not-so-safe-as-thought cell phone following non-usual strong media activity in the last two weeks, a chain of reactions happened as a result of my new book which exposed new data to one reporter who decided this was a good reason for him to investigate this issue and bring it to the TV prime time, and shook the 3 national newspapers as well. (Yediot Ahronot, Maariv, Haaretz).

1. Last Friday night on prime time was part 2 of a show inside the weekly news, a show that focused on the cellular technology and gave a non-balanced" view but a public health point of view. THIS IS RARE! the commercial channel, which gets most of its funding from the cellular industry, exposed:

- How they Israeli law had been prepared two years ago, a law which gives total freedom to the companies to erect antennas everywhere. The communication minister then, Reuven Rivlin, is the one who cooperated with the companies to delete one clause from the law: a clause which said that the public had the right to oppose to antennas.

A technion professor, Rachel Alterman, was kicked out of the committee on the subject because she was the only one to insist that the public would have the right to resist.

- Sorek and Refael, two state bodies which are supposed to be independent on the issue of the radiation safety, receive money from the cellular industry for their work.

The problem: they publish biased information to the public about the safely of the radiation, and this information says that there are no known negative effects, no known a-thermal effects, cancer is "probably not" a possibility from the radiation [cited from Sorek s brochure]. In addition they are involved in preparing the antennas and they support the view that we need maximum antennas in the country.
In addition they mamage the whole issue of radiation measurements to the public (and their equipement is found to be calibrated in a strage way), so how can these bodies be taken as real "independent" bodies? !!

Refae"l expert who is responsible for the radiation safety in the country, and is a state worker, is also a paid consultant to three cellular companies the power company and the wired phone company. He said in the show that he doesn't see any problem here.

- The companies erect the antennas in the eyes height of people, under their nose, for example it showed antenna which looks like a big box and is located about

1 meter from a desk in a store, behind the desk the workers stand and the
box is behind them without them knowing it's cellular antenna, and it's not
above them, it's just near their bodies.

- Stelian Galberg, responsible for antennas in the country, in the Environmental ministry, who usually is very supportive for the companies view, says to the camera that what's going on with the antennas is "rape".

- A worker of the Env. Ministry says that he is responsible for 2000 antennas and can follow only about 3% of them.

- the former responsible for antennas in the Env. ministry says that he wouldn't allow his children to live near antenna like he wouldn't allow them to live in front of a smoking power station.

- My message as shown on screen was that 1.people are flooded with disinformation about the radiation, they are told that it is a matter of opinions rather than facts, they are told that the matter is "not proven and not refuted" and other sentences which sound beautiful, but they are actually not provided with INFORMATION in hands. I also said in reaction to the exposure about Sorek and Refae"l that they are perceived as neutral bodies and the public believes their distributed information about the radiation ["there's is no problem"], and rely on them, without being aware that there are vested interests here. I hope I raised the doubt in people's minds. I did get good reactions from people saying I said brave things they hadn't think about before.

2. Before the show and during the week, the 3 newspapers were full of the
antennas issue, telling of some of the things the show would expose, and
published a map with hidden antennas in the country.

3. PM Ofir Pines is leading a very important move - he wants to change the law, so that people and municipalities will have the right to resist. According to the law municipalities don't have the basic right to say "no" to antennas and two municipalities in Israel filed a suit to change that. Herzelia is one of them. The mayor of Herzelia wants to prevent antennas being placed near sensitive places but she cannot do it because of the law.

4. The show "Popolitics" on cellular antennas last Tuesday was very hot, I think the peak moment was when the mayor of Herzelia, Yael German told of how she was threatened by the Cellular Forum [PR office of 3 Israeli cellular companies]. Tal Zilberstein, the Cellular Forum executive threatened the Mayor of Herzelia that he would consider to turn off all Herzelia from cellular communication if she continues to lead her public activity to against cellular antennas inside cities.

Yael German brought the letter to the TV and read it, she also reported it to the person in charge of preventing cartels in the country, with the request to close down the Cellular Forum because the Forum aim was supposed to be to raise public awareness and not threaten mayors.

Roman Bronfman, the PM who leads a move to prevent erecting 18,000 for the 3G, who was attacked by the cellular companies [they complained to the ethics committee of the parliament saying he was lying about the 18,000 number which had been their
own report !...] said on screen that the Cellular Forum would be closed

5. The part 1 Friday TV programme about the cellular phones showed the DNA breaks found by Prof. Franz Adlkofer in the REFLEX project. He told that the industry's reaction was to totally ignore his finding, and that the DNA breaks contradict the common knowledge which held the opinion that the non-ionizing radiation is too weak to damage big molecules.

Dr. Elihu Richter said that the dizziness and headaches the phone-users feel is evidence for internal damage inside the brain.

Dr. Sigal Sadezki, who leads the Israeli arm of the Interphone study was vague in her message but did say that she was worried about children, that their use of phones should be limited, and that Ahlbom's study caused her a "switch" because if something can cause benign tumors, it can also cause malignant tumors.

The fact the reporter caused her say these things, raised many eyebrows. People who know her position as it has been for many year, were surprised, including people who work with her. Her position has been to ignore research and evidence (epidemiologic and labratory) on DNA damage and cancer in her lectures to the public, and not warning the public nor children. She says that only the Interphone study would bring the answers, and that "it is not proven nor refuted". She has a serious problem giving legitimation to Hardell's studies, she prefers to ignore his findings. Don't think for a sec that I buy her "new" face: I am not deaf and she said on the same programme that "it is not known whether a-thermal effects exist". HA!

The general public didn't notice this but I don't need another proof to see that she didn't really do a switch, and that is why I was disturbed by the fact that the programme focused on her and presented her as the main actor in the scientific field in Israel:

The most senior researcher in Israel". I think that if the most senior
researcher in Israel doubts non-thermal effects, we have a serious problem
in Israel in catching up with the last 40 years of scientific research !!

Also In that part 1 programme I presented Dr. Alasdair Philips COM device near a cell phone

showing that cell phone irradiates to distance, saying to the reporter that
if he speaks on the phone and his wife is near him, then he is not the only
one to absorb the radiation but his wife as well, and it can also be the
baby, the dog. The COM device showed red color even at 1 meter distance. It was a strong illustration and first time the public learnt of the passive
exposure from the phones.

Part 1 (phones) was rather weak and vague and full of technical effects, but
still showed things that had not been shown in the mainsteam ever. Even the findings on Ahlbom, which had not been published in the main newspapers until this day, were presented on the screen in front of 20% rating rate, which is enourmous. In spite of my efforts to make the TV present Hardell's findings as well, I encountered huge power of interests who caused these findings to be shut up. Anyway they are presented in the book. The efforts to shut them up only tells me how much they threaten on the industry.

In contrast, part two (antennas) was very strong, and was presented in a
serious, clear way.

I know of parliament departments which changed their wireless phones to wired phones, and citizens who did that as well. I know that several municipalities were flooded with phone calls from worried citizens, and the TV was flooded as well with hundreds of calls. I know of people who now have a problem when they pick up the cell phone. They don't look at it as an innocent device anymore. No, these are not all people, but these are enough people for a good start !


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