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From: Roy Beavers
sciencetruthcount (to)
May 20, 2007

Mitochondria - Workshop proposal has wrong premise

A message to the bona fide EMF research community:

The premise of the study that WHO is proposing for the workshop cited below is wrong......

Their Invitation states that the "goals" of the workshop are limited to: "low cost health economics" recommendations. .... "To discuss the cost and feasibility of different options." Doesn't that put the cart before the horse? It sounds like George Bush's criterion in the Global Warming scenario...... Only those options which do not disturb the "economic development" parameters will be pursued.

That is code word language for: PROFITS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN PEOPLE.
It is the exact opposite of the premise that should guide mankind's attack on such global 'health and environmental' threatening matters - which includes the EMF scenario. Until mankind succeeds in reversing that premise to something like, "PEOPLE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN PROFITS," ... very little progress will be made. If mankind cannot rely on WHO to turn such "global" health and environmental threats to criteria that put people ahead of profits - then, I ask, who will ???

Roy Beavers

WHO forgets the evidence

(see .pdf, 19,6 KB)

"When developing "evidence-based" guidelines, the World Health Organization routinely forgets one key ingredient: evidence." The Lancet.

But now tell us something new...

WHO Criticized for Neglecting Evidence .
By MARIA CHENG ; AP Medical Writer .


LONDON (AP) - When developing "evidence-based" guidelines, the World Health Organization routinely forgets one key ingredient: evidence. That is the verdict from a study published in The Lancet online Tuesday. The medical journal's criticism of WHO could shock many in the global health community, as one of WHO's main jobs is to produce guidelines on everything from fighting the spread of bird flu and malaria control to enacting anti-tobacco legislation.

"This is a pretty seismic event," Lancet editor Dr. Richard Horton, who was not involved in the research for the article. "It undermines the very purpose of WHO." The study was conducted by Dr. Andrew Oxman and Dr. Atle Fretheim, of the Norwegian Knowledge Centre for Health Services, and Dr. John Lavis at McMaster University in Canada.

They interviewed senior WHO officials and analyzed various guidelines to determine how they were produced. What they found was a distinctly non-transparent process. "It's difficult to judge how much confidence you can have in WHO guidelines if you're not told how they were developed," Oxman said. "In that case, you're left with blind trust."

WHO issues about 200 sets of recommendations every year, acting as a public health arbiter to the global community by sifting through competing scientific theories and studies to put forth the best policies. WHO's Director of Research Policy Dr. Tikki Pang said that some of his WHO colleagues were shocked by The Lancet's study, but he acknowledged the criticism had merit, and explained that time pressures and a lack of both information and money sometimes compromised WHO work.

"We know our credibility is at stake," Pang said, "and we are now going to get our act together." WHO officials also noted that, in many cases, evidence simply did not exist. Data from developing countries are patchy at best, and in an outbreak, information changes as the crisis unfolds. To address the problem, they said, WHO is trying to develop new ways to collect information in poor regions, and has proposed establishing a committee to oversee the issuance of all health guidelines.

The Lancet study - conducted in 2003-04 through analyzing WHO guidelines and questioning WHO officials - also found that the officials themselves were concerned about the agency's methods. One unnamed WHO director was quoted in the study as saying: "I would have liked to have had more evidence to base recommendations on."

Another said: "We never had the evidence base welldocumented." Pang said that, while some guidelines might be suspect and based on just a few expert opinions, others were developed under rigorous study and so were more reliable. For example, WHO's recent advice on treating bird flu patients was developed under tight scrutiny.

Oxman also noted that WHO had its own quality-control process. When its 1999 guidelines for treating high blood pressure were criticized for, among other things, recommending expensive drugs over cheaper options without proven benefit, the agency issued its "guidelines for writing guidelines," which led to a revision of its advice on hypertension.

"People are well-intended at WHO," Oxman said. "The problem is that good intentions and plausible theories aren't sufficient." It remains to be seen how WHO's 193 member countries will react to The Lancet study, released just before WHO's governing body - the World Health Assembly - meets next week at U.N. headquarters in Geneva to decide future health strategies.

"If countries do not have confidence in the technical competence of WHO, then its very existence is called into question," said Horton, the journal's editor. "This study shows that there is a systemic problem within the organization, that it refuses to put science first." WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan, who took over the position this year, will be under pressure to respond to the study's criticism.

"We need a strong WHO," which in recent years "has seen its independence eroded and its trust diminished," Horton said. "Now is a fabulous opportunity for WHO to reinvent itself as the technical agency it was always meant to be."

WHY DID The WHO deny Prof. Olle Johansson the democratic right to participate in a workshop ?????

The world is watching!!!


Letter, Sun, 14 Jan 2007
to: Director of EMF Project
from: Robert Riedlinger
(r_riedlin (to)

To Director of EMF Project

I would like to know what the conflict of iterest restrictions are for the participants in the program. I am sending information that was shown on the CBC TV Program Market Place here in Canada regarding Dan Krewski whom I understand, represents Canada.

In my opinnion ,if this is going on,the conclussion of the study could very well be BIASED in favor of industry,and not worth the paper it is writen on,based on the conflict of interest shown.

Dr Olle Johansson is a WELL respected Honest Scientist!!!
The world is watching !!!

Regards Robert Riedlinger, Canada

Controversy at IARC

Broadcast: November 25, 2003

main page
A few years ago, there was a flap over something called DEHP. It's found in IV bags, blood bags and tubing of all kinds. DEHP makes plastic soft, pliable and strong. It was found to cause problems in rats, including infertility.

After a full review, IARC decided to downgrade the risk of cancer from DEHP. That opened the door for more widespread use.

Lorenzo Tomatis
For Lorenzo Tomatis, the downgrading of DEHP was a clear sign IARC had let industry get too close to the science. He and 30 other scientists from around the world decided to go public with their fears saying that allowing industry representatives to take part in IARC's decisions about what is cancerous "compromises public health" and that scientific papers showing a possible link to cancer had been "ignored or intentionally suppressed."

"If you delete a suspicion of a risk," Tomatis said, "you give full green light and that may create a special danger for the public."

Paul Kleihues took over from Tomatis as head of IARC. He says these critics always see industry as the enemy of public health.

"If they don't have scientific reasons they suggest a conflict of interest of industry or participants that have a vested interest. We do not believe that any of our recent decisions was ultimately influenced by industry."

Kleihues rejected the accusation and then barred Lorenzo Tomatis from ever re-entering the building.

"He told me I was persona non grata and had me escorted out by two witnesses from the building saying I was not allowed to come back.I think even Saddam Hussein could go back into IARC but not me. I found it totally absurd because it was a disagreement on the interpretation of scientific data."

Peter Kleiheus
"We did not ban him because of a scientific disagreement," Peter Kleihues said. "What is not acceptable is that he questions our integrity, our striving for scientific truth. If scientific truth is no longer our guiding principle, we'd better close this whole place down."

What does this squabbling mean for the cellphone study and for those of us who use a cellphone? The critics are accusing IARC of not trying hard enough to keep industry money and influence away from the science. Marketplace wondered whether industry money could be influencing IARC's study on cellphones, especially in Canada.

Calling Canada

Dan Krewski, of the McLaughlin Centre for Population Health Risk Assessment at the University of Ottawa, is one of Canada's lead scientists for the IARC study.

"This'll be the largest study of brain cancer ever conducted and will give us the opportunity to really look in detail for small risks with cellular technology."

Dan Krewski
Krewski has about a million dollars to fund his part of the IARC research.

Most of it came from the Canadian Wireless and Telecommunications Association - the cellphone industry lobby group.

"We originally approached the CWTA through Roger Poirier who at the time was president and CEO of the organization."

Poirier's the man who said studies into the cellphones and cancer risks showed ".no adverse health effects."

The current head of the association is Peter Barnes. He says the million dollars his lobby group is giving to Krewski's centre has no strings attached.

"I mean we basically sign a cheque every year for five years, we committed to that, and apart from knowing that the money is being used for the research that's the extent of our involvement."

IARC told Marketplace that Canada is the only one of 13 countries in the study to receive funding directly from the cellphone industry.

Marketplace's research found that the CWTA and its members invested $1 million to help establish the R. Samuel McLaughlin Centre for Population Health Risk Assessment at the University of Ottawa - where Dan Krewski is doing his cellphone research.

Krewski's centre gets the cheques directly from the CWTA. But to get the relationship stamped officially "arm's length," he had to get the deal reviewed by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, which also threw in $ 220,000 of government money.

According to IARC guidelines, this funding has to be indirect - so it went through the CIHR. That makes the funding not directly connected to the industry.

The study is not Krewski's only link to the cellphone industry. If you search the web for information about cellphones, you might come across the Wireless Information Resource Centre - paid for by the CWTA.

Krewski chairs the Wireless Information Resource Centre's scientific advisory group. Roger Poirier - former head of the CWTA - administers the web site. Another link between the cellphone scientist and the cellphone lobby: Poirier - the man who negotiated the million-dollar deal - is a paid consultant on the big cellphone study for IARC.

When we reached Poirier by phone, he told us his involvement with the cellphone study is minor and purely technical. He didn't want to talk to us on camera.

Krewski described Poirier's involvement as "a liaison."

"He puts us in contact with the right people when we need info on technical aspects of cell phones for the WHO study.He doesn't see scientific results, he does not participate in scientific meetings."

A chart we produce for Krewski shows the same names and links popping up frequently.

"I can see how you could get that sort of perception there may be something leading to some sort of complications here, but if you actually look at the roles of the organizations and agencies that you've got on your chart and what they're actually doing, the industry, clearly, both in Canada and internationally, is hands off," Krewski says.

But it wasn't that clear in Europe. The scientists at IARC say the European cellphone industry did try to negotiate more influence over that end of the study.

"So we wanted not only to avoid any bias, but we didn't want to get any involvement with an industry which then doesn't like the results and tries all kinds of things," IARC's Peter Kleihues said.

Kleihues told us industry reps came knocking as the negotiations on the study were happening.

"They wanted to give us the money. They said 'enlarge, do more, you will be happy because we are so much interested, we are under pressure, we would like a bigger and better study,' and we said 'no, it's not possible, we can't accept the money.'"

"Yeah, basically we refused until a contract was drawn up that ensured we had no strings attached," research scientist Elisabeth Cardis said.

That means there is still industry funding in Europe, but a third party administers the money. In Canada, the industry money goes to Dan Krewski's centre.

"We are trying very hard through various mechanisms to make sure that everything is going well in the countries to see what mechanisms have been set up. We have been preparing declarations of interest for example; we've been documenting sources. We're getting copies of all the contracts. If we feel that any centre has a potential conflict of interest, that centre's not going to be included in the international analysis," Cardis said.
Cardis adds the connections involved with the Canadian part of the study don't seem to be a conflict of interest to her. But her boss - IARC chief Paul Kleihues - does seem concerned about our findings.

"Well, I think this is a reason for concern. Industry doesn't give you a free lunch usually. That means industry expects something back for any money they do, and I think we must look into this. It's a matter of concern and we must find out if it's sufficient reason to exclude that branch of the study or not."

Kleihues goes on to say that as far as he can see, the Canadian part of the study appears to have been set up carefully, to follow the rules.

As we kept digging, we discovered that not only does the Canadian cellphone lobby pay for a chunk of Krewski's research at the University of Ottawa, it also has an impact on his salary. We learned that the CWTA money unleashes government money that goes towards Krewski's salary. Krewski says these arrangements are all above board.

The head of IARC - Paul Kleihues told us he was reviewing for possible conflicts of interest the contracts people like Krewski had signed. He said no decisions or changes would be made until an IARC meeting in mid-December.

As for the study itself - it won't be complete for a couple of years. So get ready for another long wait before we get any definitive answer on that old riddle over cellphones and cancer.

All cellphones in Canada meet the basic radiation safety guidelines. But anyone concerned about exposure can take a couple of steps to limit it:

a.. When you see only one or two bars on your phone's display, it means the signal is weak and your phone is trying harder to connect with the tower. That's when radiation is highest. Wait until all the bars are there for less radiation.
b.. Radiation is also higher when you first place a call, as your phone seeks a connection. If you wait until the call has connected, your exposure will be lower.
c.. Keep your calls short - shorter calls means less exposure.

OPEN LETTER to : - Dr Magaret CHAN, WHO General Director - Mr John Ryan/DG Sanco, European Commission, Brussels - Mr Rudy Demotte, Federal Health Minister, Belgium WHO EMF Project database and Epidemiological studies on mobile communication base stations Dr van Deventer


the full document, .pdf, 138,4 KB

My name is Jean-Luc Guilmot, bio-engineer and concerned citizen with respect to EMF pollution. I have compiled during the last 6 months a great deal of fully referenced scientific information on this subject with a special focus on base stations on a dedicated website ( to help people get a global picture on this growing problem. I was present at the 3RD Mobile Communications Seminar "Health, Environment & Society in Brussels, on Nov. 20 and 21 where you unfortunately had to cancel your venue at the very last minute, which was rather unfortunate due to the many specific questions that could not be answered properly. I have noticed that the WHO EMF Project database has now been unavailable on the Internet for more than a week, that is at least since November 21, 2006 ( research/database/en/index.html) I would like to kindly ask you several questions :

1. Why is no information provided on the WHO website as to why and for how long this database is not available ?
2. In reference to the rights to access to Information on the Environment, do you find this situation acceptable ?
3. When will this service be available again ?

I also would like to take the opportunity to ask you two more questions regarding EMF and base stations.

1. Where are the published epidemiological studies on chronic exposure to mobile telecommunication base stations radiation’s that show convincing evidence of an ABSENCE of adverse health effects ? Please note that, as we believe no such studies has actually been published, none of the arguments such as "levels of exposure from these base stations lie well under the ICNIRP limit values" or "difficulties in assessing RF exposure on people" or "absence of known mechanism" can be considered as valid, especially when ICNIRP values are NOT designed for chronic exposure and when so many health concerns are being shown on both humans and animals in various published epidemiological studies of chronic exposure.

2. Based on the EIGHT published epidemiological studies on mobile telecommunication base stations referenced either on the EMF WHO database and/or on PUBMED with POSITIVE results, please provide comments on what grounds in your views no further precautions is required. Again comments such as lack of accuracy of RF assessment (see footnote 1) and lack of convincing evidence (convincing to whom ?) is a of little value for several reasons :
a. All these studies have been published in peer-review journals and are referenced either on the WHO database or on PUBMED.
b. Several of these studies provide accurate RF exposure measurements.
c. No higher standards published epidemiological study on mobile communication base stations with NEGATIVE results is available to date.
d. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands (1,4 million in May 2006) of base stations have already been deployed worldwide and new sources of low level RF chronic exposure are continuously being added with the development of new wireless technologies.
e. At least two additional epidemiological studies on chronic exposure to mobile phone bases stations with POSITIVE results have been published in peer reviewed journals on animals: Löscher W. 2003 and Balmori A. 2005.
f. An increasing number of people are being diagnosed as electrosensitive and the trend seems clearly to be on the increase.
g. To our knowledge, very little resources are being allocated towards more such epidemiological studies (chronic exposure) in the near future as either WHO or ICNIRP continue to deny or question the fact that low energy RF can affect health at all, as again exemplified in the May 2006 WHO fact sheet #304.

Additionally there are many more examples of epidemiological studies of radio and TV transmitters with POSITIVE results, also referenced on the WHO database and/or PUBMED, including the latest Altpeter et al (20006) study 4 – with evidence of decrease of melatonin secretion on exposed humans – which urge for a rapid and clear change of attitude from the WHO. Based on all this we consider that statements like:

"the weight of scientific opinion is that there is no substantiated evidence that living near a mobile phone base station causes adverse health effect " increasingly sound more like Orwellian newspeak than anything else. Also we believe that from a legal perspective, there is a major issue of the charge of the proof for the issuer of such increased levels of radiation's in the environment, and not the other way round. I look forward to reading your answers and comments on these very important issues.

Yours respectfully Jean-Luc Guilmot Bio-Engineer Encl. : List of WHO and PUBMED epidemiological studies on mobile communication base stations with either negative (TWO) or positive results (EIGHT) as of September 15, 2006.

umtsno: see also epidemiological studies

WHO continues to encourage the active participation of interested stakeholders in these processes.

Hamburg, den 04.09.2003

Puzyna, D- 20355 Hamburg


Dear Sirs,

On the 4th of July 2003, Mrs. Kheifeits, doctor, team leader of a private union in Munich called the ICNIRP (International Commission for Nonionizing Radiation Protection, Munich Germany"), left her executive position at the EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) Project, organized by the WHO (World Health Organization).

It would be appropriate for the EMF Project, that Mr. Repacholi should also leave his position as coordinator at this project. Dr. Repacholi as implementer and former chief executive to the ICNIRP association in Munich had a direct influence on the unilateral decisions considering the amount of radiation in the range of high and low frequencies.

My personal involvement in this case of the danger caused by the use of EMF has following reasons

1. Historical matters

In Hamburg where I am living I have witnessed some of the greatest german medical scandals with -experts-.

- In the Eppendorf (UKE) hospital in Hamburg, a Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics had been injecting his patients fallopian tubes with doze of artificial substances in need of finding a proper "formula" for the best artificial material.

- Professor Dr. Klaus-Henning Hübener and Professor Dr. Hans-Joachim Frischbier were accused of over-dozing the amount of radiation. In need of eliminating cancer from their patient bodies; in result we are aware that minimum 317 patients suffered from irradiation or have been deceased (of course we may speculate that there were more casualties, which were not or could not be reveilled). None of them went to prison or had been punished in any way.

- Professor Dr. Dr. Dr. (orthopedist) Rupprecht Bernbeck
who had been "playing God" in Hamburg-Barmbek hospital for 19 years, forcing his patients for further treatment in the hospital which only made their matters worse, making minimum 598 patients handicapped. Dr. R. Bernbeck was never accused of any medical crime.

2. Local matters

- Because of the radiation caused by the UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System), my own health, and the health of my neighbours, their children and all of the citizens is being endangered. The UMTS poles are being placed without notice and permission of the locals.

- The decision of chancellor Gerhard Schröder concerning taking over the references of the specialists working on the UMTS project, as if Mr. G. Schröder were a specialist himself, and were aware of all the matters connected with the EMF.

- On the 19th of June 2003, the Hamburg politicians set up a law which says that the UMTS poles will be installed without prewarning, or any notice.

3. Political matters

- Uncritical obedience of the functionaries working in controlling institutions throughout the country: the post, the telephone provider(- RegTP) and the radiation security department (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz- BfS). These Institutions have set up permissions for the UMTS Project without any medical proof. So far the harmlessness of the EMF has not been examined yet.

- Trimmering of the EMF project - the epidemiological analyze is firstly being announced and then held for not known reasons.

- Persecution people who try to fight the UMTS (scientist who publish the results of their research, journalists, and ordinary people) for example :

1. Censorship of Professor. Dr. Hecht's research by the German post and telephone provider normalizing department (RegTP)

2. Censorship and forgery of the Bavarian Government research, considering cattle stationed near the cell phone stations (so called " Rinderstudie ").

Quotation:"The original version is unavailable for a normal citizen. In this research, we can find out that the examination of the cattle brought out a different result than the one we can find, In the "official" draft. Such trickery is inadmissible." (Prof. dr. von Klitzing, June 2003)*.

3. Dismissal Dr. von Klitzing science position

4. Concealment of inconvenient research results executed by the ECOLOG Institute.

Quotation:"The actual analyze of the scientific literature made by the ECOLOG Institute amplify the results that show the harmful Influence of the EMF radiation used In high frequencies below the actual limits established - In Germany 26th BImSchV (pollution control order) The ECOLOG Institute reinforce its position in respecting the health prophylaxis"

5. Dr. Neitzke from the ECOLOG Institute proved that the special one of the researches conducted in Australia on the harmlessness of pulsing radiation has been forged (Utteridge,2002).

6. Reducing the funds for Professor Peter Semm, when his research turned out to be not as accordant as the customer (ger. Telekom) wished.

7. Similar mobbing had to suffer Prof. R. Santini, France and Prof. Dr. Gerard Hyland - a biophysician of the Warwick(UK) University. He was mobbed for being a part of STOA (Scientific and Technological Options Assessment) of the European Parliament.


"It is not so much that, in the haste to make this New and valuable technology available, the
Necessary safety research has been bypassed or Compromised, but rather - and more Reprehensibly - those already-available indications. That the technology is potentially less than safe Have been, and continue to be, studiously
Ignored, both by the industry and by national and International regulatory bodies."..

"It is probably true to say that if the same lack of Consensus and level of concern surrounded a New drug or foodstuff, it would never be licensed."*

Dr. Gerard Hyland STOA

As you can see that, so called actual state of science in the danger department of the EMF is in fact a lottery, but only the Cell-Phone Industry wins. This the way how the science results are being manipulated by the will of their customers.

People working in WHO that tried to stop the epidemiologic research should be revealed and be removed from the WHO research relating to the influence of the cell-phone radiotion on our health in the nearby future.
Their irresponsible actions led almost to the collapsing of the EMF and separating WHO with their main function, wich is world health prophylaxis..

My wish for this research, important for every human being, would be a direct access to the research procedures for everyone (a democratic control throughout the Internet) and of course regular publications of the actual results.

I would like WHO to "clean up" and hire decent and honest employers for the EMF project.
I would have full trust in WHO’s research results if:

1. WHO would invite Prof. dr. Gerard Hyland, Prof. Dr. Peter Semm, Prof. Dr. Lebrecht von Klitzing or Prof. em. Prof. Dr. med. Karl Hecht to participate in the EMF project.

2. Some of the studies would be added, that for some reason are censored in Germany:

- The examination of the cattle breaded near the cell-phone stations "Rinderstudie"
- Summary of 1500 studies of Russian scientists by Professor Hecht known as "Hecht-Studie"

It is impossible for such amount (more than 1500) of epidemiological and human laboratory studies written by Russian scientists during Soviet Union to be not taken serious or forgotten. You cannot even find them in the WHO database (IEEE Study Database or EMF Studies Database). How for example is possible that Russian people achieve Nobel Prizes or are going into space. Today, special industries try to put Russian results in RF (radiofrequencies) Research to the position of nonsense science.

If the epidemiological studies of the WHO had been done properly I would not expect many differences comparing to the Russian researches conducted between 1960-1985. Therefore:

3. Russian research done in 1960-1985, with real control groups, In real, healthy environment, without the negative Influence of the cell-phone Industry (such as the publication of the fictional scientific results, disregarding the danger of the radiation, censorship of inconveniant research results), should be considered and added to this project as nr.1 source (reference study) or at least should be included in the database of the WHO

Best Regards

Krzysztof Puzyna
Webmaster of

* All source is available at

Repacholi News

(From Sylvie)

Saturday Nov 19 06:43 AEDT

TV poses more risk than mobile phone

The World Health Organisation (WHO) says there's been a global over-reaction to modern mobile communications technology and its possible threat of health risk.

Coordinator of the WHO's Radiation and Environmental Health Unit, Dr Mike Repacholi, says televisions and radios pose more of a health risk than mobile phones or mobile phone base stations - at least for adults.

He says, however, more study is needed to determine whether there is a risk for children and their developing nervous systems.

"The signals from (mobile phone) base stations are generally less than for the TV and radio, which we've all been subjected to for 50 to 60 years," Dr Repacholi said.

 "People are generally scared by new technology ... but after $250 million in research over ten years we still haven't found any (reason for health concerns)."

But, Dr Repacholi says there is one area where more science is needed to rule out concerns. That is, the effect today's rising levels of electromagnetic transmissions might have on children.

"Kids are going to be exposed to these fields for much longer now, children as young as five have got mobile phones," Dr Repacholi said.

"We don't think they have any extra sensitivity but we do need to do the studies."

He said it was particularly relevant as wireless internet was rolled out across schools in the western world.

Generally, Dr Repacholi said, wireless internet resulted in less electromagnetic transmissions than mobile phones and, therefore, less than television and radio.

"They are also of no health concern," he said.

Dr Repacholi was in Melbourne this week for a two-day WHO and Australian Centre for RF Bioeffects Research (ACRBR) regional workshop, which also included researchers and scientists from Thailand to New Zealand.

The workshop discussed the latest scientific findings relating to radio frequency fields.

He said efforts would continue to dispel myths surrounding the technology.

The suspicion of electromagnetic transmissions - along with claims of related ill health including rashes, headaches and sleeplessness - remained a problem globally, he said.

Public outcry over mobile phone base stations in Spain had led to 300 being dismantled by the government, while there were more than 1,000 related cases before that country's courts, he said.

"The only people who win out of that is the lawyers," Dr Repacholi said.

"The purpose of this is to tell people what the real situation is, what the science is saying ... It's no use perpetuating a myth."



22 Nov 2005
from Iris Atzmon

Because that is what the World Health Organization Recommends, and "As you know WHO has built the highest possible reputation in public health matters among the public and governments world wide" A letter from Mike Repacholi, Coordinator of the Electromagnetic Fields Project in the World Health Organization and direct responsible for EMradiation matters in the WHO, to Hans Karow, July 07, 2005

WHO recommendation discouraging the general public and governments from measuring electromagnetic fields in homes (page 8 of "WHO Workshop on Electrical Hypersensitivity, Prague, Czech Republic, October 25-27, 2004. Working Group Meeting".)

Just imagine what would have happened if the Israeli governemnt had listened to Repacholi's recommendation to discourage radiation measurements in the house... The below is the final proof that Repacholi is a serious danger to the world governments and the public. Listening to his "scientific" advices is a danger for humanity. Our government office has received lately many letters and studies and summaries about electromagnetic radiation effects. Please inform your governments that they had better NOT listen to Repacholi's advices and save themselves from him by learning from the experience of the Israeli Government, and here it is:

Yediot Ahronot 22.11.2005 by Itamar Ichner.
"A Danger from within the house:
Radiation was found in the [Israeli] Prime Minister Office"

The prime minister office board ordered yesterday to evacuate 5 rooms in the office, in which high electromagnetic radiation levels were found. The high radiation levels were found in the ground floor in the prime minister office, near the electricity box of the building. Measurements done by the the Environment Ministry experts found levels of 20-30 mG in several rooms that are close to the electricity room, in which workers sit on a regular basis. This is a level which is 10 fold higher than the allowed level. IARC determined that electricity installations, which expose the public to more than 2 mG for the long term, are possible carcinogens. The average exposure in most houses in Israel and abroad, is not more than 0.4 mG.

The measurement findings created storm. Workers connected immediately between these findings and between the fact that in the last years several workers in the office got sick with malignant diseases. The office management ordered immediately to evacuate the joined rooms to the electricity room. The workers moved to other rooms. The office intends also to put protection in the room against the radiation: the office has hired the service of a company which builds protection against electromagnetic radiation with aluminium plates. The chairman of the prime minister office, Jacob Selzer, said yeasterday: "We stand on board. There is definitely readiness by the board, to invest money in order to solve the problem. It is definitely an important thing. We checked all the antennas in the prime minister office, and it is important to indicate that the management works with us in cooperation with regard to this subject".

see in Internet - dead of Arafat -
here only in Polish and German

WHO Welcomes Electric Utility Industry To Key EMF Meeting, Bars the Press

Dear Colleagues:

In early October, for the first time in 20 years, the World Health Organization (WHO) will assemble a panel to recommend a new set of exposure guidelines for power-frequency EMFs. Few people have beard about the meeting. Yet, the electric utility industry will be there in force, sitting in on, and no doubt participating in, the weeklong deliberations. Five years ago, the Committee of Experts on Tobacco Industry Documents issued a 260-page report documenting the tobacco industrys strategies to undermine the work of the WHO. (The full report is available at: )

In response, the WHO issued 15 pages of recommendations on how to make sure its work is never subverted again.

Go to:

Yet, it seems that the WHO is unable to apply the hard lessons it learned from tobacco to other potentially harmful agents. Instead, the WHO now simply invites the industry to be part of the process. We have posted on our Web site the names and affiliations of those who Mike Repacholi, the head of the WHO EMF project, has invited to observe the task group meeting in Geneva.

Best, Louis Slesin
Sun, 25 Sep 2005


WHO Welcomes Electric Utility Industry To Key EMF Meeting, Bars the Press

The week of October 3 in Geneva, the World Health Organization (WHO) will set its recommendations for public exposures to power-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

A 20-member task group from 17 countries, assembled by Michael Repacholi, the head of the WHO EMF project, will finalize an Environmental Health Criteria (EHC) document, which is designed to guide the development of standards for extremely low frequency (ELF) EMFs all over the world. It will likely represent WHO’s official position on EMF health risks for years to come.

Last month, Repacholi gave eight observers the green light to attend the meeting -all eight either work for electric utilities or have direct and strong ties to the industry. Other than WHO staff, these are the only people on the Repacholi’s list of approved observers:

Kazu Chikamoto, Japan NUS Co., Tokyo
Rob Kavet, EPRI, Palo Alto. CA, U.S.
Michel Plante, Hydro-Quebec, Montreal, Canada
Jack Sahl, Southern California Edison, Upland, CA, U.S.
Martine Souques, Electricity de France-Gaz de France, Paris
Hamilton Moss de Souza, CEPEL, Brazilian Electrical Energy Research Center, Rio de Janeiro
John Swanson, National Grid, London, U.K.
Tom Watson, Watson & Renner, Washington DC, U.S.

Although Watson is on the list, he will not be at the meeting. "I tried to become an observer, but I did not succeed," he said in a recent interview. It is not clear why Repacholi changed his mind and disinvited Watson.

Chris Portier of the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) will chair the task group.

Very few other members of the EMF community are aware of the meeting. A spot check, an admittedly unscientific survey, found that staff members at U.S. health agencies knew nothing about it. The single exception said that he had heard about it from colleagues in the electric utility industry.

When asked whether Microwave News could sit in as an observer, Repacholi dismissed the idea. "The press is not permitted to attend EHC Task Group meetings," he told us.

Did Repacholi invite the industry representatives?

If not, how and when did they first learn about the meeting and request observer status? Have any of the companies or associations, other than EPRI, contributed to the WHO EMF project or its activities?

EPRI cosponsored a WHO workshop on EMF risks to children held last year in Istanbul, but it is not known whether EPRI’s Kavet has made other contributions to the WHO. All these questions need answering.

While Repacholi has long said that the EHC would be revised around this time, the specific schedule has not been previously publicly disclosed.

For instance, the October 3-7 task group meeting is not in the listing of meetings on the WHO Web site nor is it included in the Bioelectromagnetics Society Newsletter conference calendar.

The WHO released its first EHC for ELF EMFs in 1984. Repacholi chaired the task group that wrote that report. Back then, 20 years ago, the panel recommended that: "efforts be made to limit exposure, particularly for members of the general population, to levels as low as can be reasonably achieved" (a policy known as ALARA).

Yet for the last ten years while he has been at the helm of the WHO EMF project and while the health risks posed by power-frequency fields have become much less uncertain, Repacholi has consistently refused to endorse ALARA for ELF EMFs.

In addition to NIEHS’ Portier, the members of the EHC task group are:

Houssain Abouzaid, WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean, Cairo, Egypt
Anders Ahlbom, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
Larry Anderson, Battelle Pacific Northwest Labs, Richland, WA, U.S.
Christoffer Johansen, Danish Cancer Society, Copenhagen
Jukka Juutilainen, University of Kuopio, Finland
Sheila Kandel, Soreq, Yavne, Israel
Leeka Kheifets, University of California, Los Angeles and EPRI, Palo Alto, CA, U.S.
Isabelle Lagroye, University of Bordeaux, France
Rüdiger Matthes, Federal Office of Radiation Protection, Oberschleissheim, Germany
Alastair McKinlay, Health Protection Agency (HPA), Didcot, U.K.
Jim Metcalfe, University of Cambridge, U.K.
Meike Mevissen, University of Berne, Switzerland
Junji Miyakoshi, Hirosaki University Faculty of Medicine, Japan
Eric van Rongen, Health Council of the Netherlands, The Hague
Nina Rubtsova, RAM Institute of Occupational Health, Moscow, Russia
Paolo Vecchia, National Institute of Health, Rome, Italy
Barney de Villiers, University of Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa
Andrew Wood, Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorn, Australia
Zhengping Xu, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Hangzhou, China

Those attending from WHO include Elisabeth Cardis (IARC); Chiyoji Ohkubo, Rick Saunders (on leave from the U.K. HPA) and Emilie van Deventer.

As we post this on the Web, we have learned that Michinori Kabuto of Japan’s National Institute for Environmental Studies will also be an observer at the meeting.
Five years ago, the Committee of Experts on Tobacco Industry Documents issued a 260-page report documenting the tobacco industry’s strategies to undermine the work of the WHO. In response, the WHO issued 15 pages of recommendations on how to make sure its work is never subverted again.

Nevertheless, the WHO appears to be unable to apply the hard lessons it learned from tobacco to other potentially harmful agents. Instead, the WHO now simply invites the industry to be part of the process.

Louis Slesin

A new member/director on the WHO board has been appointed

A new member/director on the WHO board has been appointed.

He is the director from the Danish Health Council J.Kr. Goetrik and one of the strongest supporters from the mobilphoneindustry.

In spite of all scientific evidence he went on claiming that there is no evidence that mobilphones and especially mobilphone masts are dangerous for human health. Only after strong political pressure from the public opinion and his employer the minister of health, he had to admit that maybe children should resctrict their use of mobilphones, though there was still no proof that it was dangerous for children.

Each time I told the truth about health effects of mobilphones to the press, TV or in public, the day after my employers: the dean of the medical faculty and the rector from the university received a letter from him, in which he demanded that I should deny what I said to the press and that they should stop me from talking to the public. He was also the former director for the Danish Cancer association and so Christoffer Johansens chief and continueing protector.

So his appointment will definitely strengthen the mobilephoneindustry's viewpoints in WHO.

Sianette Kwee

First Evidence Of Brain Abnormalities Found In Pathological Liars

A University of Southern California study has found the first proof of structural brain abnormalities in people who habitually lie, cheat and manipulate others.
"We looked for things like inconsistencies in their stories about occupation, education, crimes and family background," said Raine, a psychology professor at USC and co-author of the study.

"Pathological liars can't always tell truth from falsehood and contradict themselves in an interview. They are manipulative and they admit they prey on people. They are very brazen in terms of their manner, but very cool when talking about this."

Aside from having histories of conning others or using aliases, the habitual liars also admitted to malingering, or telling falsehoods to obtain sickness benefits, Raine said.

After they were categorized, the researchers used Magnetic Resonance Imaging to explore structural brain differences between the groups. The liars had significantly more "white matter" and slightly less "gray matter" than those they were measured against, Raine said.


These paragraphs are the key to understanding how someone as ignorant as Repacholi could rise to the position of EMF boss at WHO, and thereby produce worldwide misery.

"The legal structure in Australia, as in essentially all countries in the world whose legal system is based on the English common-law system, allows someone with a Ph.D. to make knowledge claims without ever forcing the witness to explain how he knows what he claims to know. The Australian legal system, much like that in America, more or less presumes that someone with a Ph.D. "knows." To trigger this automatic respect, which allows the witness to testify as if God had told him the truth of the facts that he recounts, the witness needs to cement in the judge’s mind the idea that the witness is a "scientist." Methodologically, this is accomplished by listing the number of times and the different ways in which the witness has functioned as a scientist, or at least apparently so. Matters such as what exactly the witness did, on whose behalf, for what remuneration, with what degree of skill, and to what end are not pertinent to the witness’ task. The idea is simply to list things done, like Homer listing the ships that sailed for Troy, from which the judge can then infer that Repacholi is a scientist and therefore that whatever he says constitutes "knowledge." Repacholi did not invent this structure, but he exploited it magnificently."


from Andrew A. Marino, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Testimony of Michael Repacholi

Recognition that the electromagnetic fields (EMFS) from high-voltage powerlines were a putative cause of human disease entered the public consciousness in the mid-1970s as a result of public hearings held by the New York State Public Service Commission. In the ensuing 30 years the financial, scientific, moral, and legal issues associated with the issue of health risks from powerline EMFs came into sharper focus, and different kinds of EMF-related scientists emerged. Some scientists had an honest desire to understand how EMFs affect the body and to learn the truth about the health risks caused by EMFs, with whatever degree of certainty or reliability was possible, irrespective of whom it might displease. Robert Becker is the prototype of such a scientist. Unfortunately there are many scientists who fall far below his benchmark.

Some scientists are political opportunists who happen to be near or in authority when a wave of concern arose and carried them to temporary prominence. David Carpenter in New York and Christopher Portier at the NIH are two examples. Typically, opportunists are well-trained scientists who are ignorant of EMF biology; they strut on the EMF stage for a while, and then turn their attention to the next expedient issue.

Another kind consists of those who will produce whatever scientific data pleases the company funding their work. Many EMF scientists working for the Electric Power Research Institute or Battelle Pacific Northwest are examples, particularly Richard Phillips. The work may consist of the production of data that can be spun by industry experts testifying in court, or it may consist of published spinning, such as the work of Granger Morgan, or both, as in the case of Leeka Kheifets.

A third species of lamentable EMF scientist is the puppet, for example Meike Mevisen and Jukka Juutilainen. These persons are respected for the quality of their science, and they are bold enough to publish articles indicating that powerline EMFs are capable of producing biological effects. However, they are careful never to allow attachment of societal relevance to their work. Thus they are useful to the power industry as window dressing on blue-ribbon committees because they lack the desire or aptitude to stare down the powerful interests that secured their appointment in the first instance.

At the bottom of the barrel is the EMF scientist who functions as a brainwasher to deceive the public, innocent young and old alike, into giving themselves cancer and other diseases. There is no purer example of such a man than Michael Repacholi. He is at the end of a historical line of change that must be recognized before science can once again resume its task of finding the best truth possible.

Repacholi acts as if he were invested as regards the natural world with powers like those exercised by priests over souls. Amazingly, people believe the daydream that he has the ability to identify true and certain knowledge regarding EMFs. He has perpetuated this myth, with almost no critical questioning. Not only is there the myth of Repacholi's wisdom according to which he can see through the mist into the truth of things, but also the myth that absolute truth about exactly what EMFs do and how they do it can be discerned if only we looked in the correct fashion. He has succeeded in hiding any sense of the complexity of nature, so the ordinary person does not understand that the best EMF science could ever hope to do was to produce imperfect and uncertain understanding, and to achieve knowledge about EMFs that was only somewhat better than a guess.

Repacholi has staged innumerable dramas committees, commissions, meetings, seminars where the experts he appointed said only pleasant things about EMFs and offered reassuring risk assessments. My goal here is to expose Repacholi for the scientific fraud that he is.

Repacholi's career began in earnest in 1990 when he was hired by a power company in his native Australia. He gave extensive testimony to the effect that the EMFs from the powerline would be perfectly safe. I have reproduced his testimony in its entirety because it is the finest example I know of someone who thinks he "knows" what "truth" is, and who therefore sees no need to engage in critical discourse.

Repacholi's text is also worth reading to gain an understanding of the technical arguments that infect the legal discourse of the EMF health issue. Like the arguments of Euthydemus or Dionysodorus, Repacholi's testimony is often base and disgusting, consisting of nothing more than plays on words or half-truths. But sometimes his testimony is like the speech of Protagoras or Gorgias, clever and well thought-out. In all cases, however, Repacholi's testimony is sophistic because it is not intended to get at the best truth possible, but simply to win the court case.

Andrew A. Marino, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

webmaster umtsno see also


From Mast Sanity/Iris Atzmon about the article "Testimony of Michael Repacholi" listed on Omega News:

Testimony of Michael Repacholi

Would you kindly notify your email list of the following;

An analysis of testimony given in 1989 by the WHO boss of electromagnetic fields, Michael Repacholi, can be found at



Andrew A. Marino, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
P.O. Box 33932
1501 Kings Highway Shreveport, LA 71130
318-675-6186 (fax)

The following petition to your information and relief

Dear Sir, Madam, Ladies and Gentlemen,

the following petition to your information and relief.

With kind regards,

Klaus Rudolph
Citizens' Initiative Omega (C.I.O.)
Editorial Department Buergerwelle e.V.

To: Dr Jong Wook Lee, Director-General, World Health Organization (WHO)

Petition to the World Health Organization to remove Dr. Mike Repacholi immediately from his position as General Coordinator "International Electromagnetic Fields Project"

Date: 09/14/2005


22. May 2006,
The Petition ended with the death of recipient Dr Lee Jong-Wook

[Dr. Repacholi Wrote to Hans Karow]: "As you know, WHO has built the highest possible reputation in public health matters among the public and governments world wide and the EMF Project will not be deviating from the sound science course that sustains this high esteem, no matter what the pressures from self interest groups or individuals. Louis appeals to people who do not believe in the scientific method for resolving issues. He, like others who are unable to argue a scientific case always claim WHO decisions are industry biased - a completely untrue position." [our emphasis]

Microwave News: "At the risk of pointing out the obvious, our criticism of WHOs EMF project has nothing to do with science per se, but how Mike Repacholi sets policies based on the science - both what the science tells us and, just as importantly, what it does not tell us.

As we noted in the commentary, many national governments have looked at the same body of scientific data and have promoted precautionary policies. These include China, Italy, Switzerland and Russia. In addition, expert panels in England, Germany and Russia have issued advisories discouraging children from using mobile phones.

Perhaps, it is easier for Mike to single us out than to address those who seek to protect the public health of well over a billion people, including the national government of Switzerland, WHOs host country.

As we have stated time and time again, the WHO should err on the side of public health, not the interests of the wireless industry.

We, the undersigner, request from the WHO therefore for the reasons mentioned to remove Dr. Mike Repacholi immediately from his position as General Coordinator "International Electromagnetic Fields Project" because his is causing a very big problem of public image to the WHO

The following adresses in the WHO received the petition:

WHO: a lot of people report symptoms of electromagnetic radiation sickness. Within a few weeks a 'fact sheet' will appear

September 7, 2005 - "A lot of people report symptoms similar to yours, and there is even a name for it, electrical hypersensitivity (EHS)", writes Chiyoji Ohkubo of the EMF-radiation project of the World Health Organisation (WHO) in an e-mail to a patient. Though the WHO confirms the problem is serious, there will be a 'fact sheet' by the EMF-project within a few weeks, totally denying the existence of radiation sickness. The information is based on instructions by a working group of five people in Prague, 2004. It reads like a political manifesto, to hush up the epidemic and leave the patients behind without any care.

Symptoms of electromagnetic radiation sickness are for example sleep disturbances, dizziness, heart palpitations, headache, blurry sight, swelling, nausea, a burning skin, vibrations, electrical currents in the body, pressure on the brest, cramps, high blood pressure and general unwell-being. According to many testimonies of victims the symptoms appear in the vicinity of sources of electromagnetic radiation, like GSM- and 3G (UMTS)-antennas, cellphones, DECT wireless telephones and WIFI wireless networks. Many times the experiences are blind. Radiation measurements taken afterwards and investigations show, that the radiation density indeed is increased. Many sufferers find out the relationship with the radiation, when they stay for a while elsewhere, where the symptoms diminish or disappear. When they return home the symptoms immediately appear again. Many of the patients decide to move to another place. Others try to shield themselves against the radiation, for example building a Faraday cage of fine wire mesh.

Canary bird sings again

In one documented case a canary bird did not sing anymore and lost his feathers. The cage was at fifty metres distance from a GSM-antenna. After his owner had put a Faraday cage of fine wire mesh around the cage, shielding against part of the radiation, the bird started singing again and did not pick his skin anymore. So, the symptoms are real and not imaginative. That is confirmed by the co-ordinator of the EMF-radiation project, Michael Repacholi. He says, he has met many people who suffer from radiation sickness and electrical hypersensitivity. "I know how much it affects people and that the symptoms are real", he writes. But the EMF-project refuses to comment the many thrustworthy and verifiable testimonies. Repacholi says it is his responsibility, to tell the public that the problems do not exist, since science can not find 'electrosensitivity' in people. Of course not. Humans do not have a sense for the electromagnetic radiation of the relevant frequencies.

Secretariat only

The World Health Organisation does nothing at all to recognize and take care of the many sufferers reporting electromagnetic radiation sickness. Nothing is done to prevent future victims, nothing to map the epidemic and assess the high risks. The reports are not checked by anybody, not even on a national or local scale. The EMF-radiation project does not even answer highly relevant questions about individual and collected cases. Repacholi: "WHO does not make conclusions. WHO gets its information, conclusions and recommendations from experts worldwide. WHO staff only act as the secretariat to facilitate this process and then to promote the results through normal channels of communication. WHO staff do not make the conclusions and recommendations on any issue. They are merely the administrators of the project." However, that is in contradiction with the 'fact sheet'. The instructions for this information leaflet were formulated in Prague, October 2004, by a group of five people, including Emilie van Deventer of the EMF-project. These are more than recommendations - they are instructions of a political character.

Information for the public

The information leaflet will be a political document, though it is called 'fact sheet'. It gives information for the general public, the medical world and the governments. The instructions for the public: the symptoms of electromagnetic radiation sickness exist, but it is not allowed to attribute them to radiation. Electrical hypersensitivity (EHS) should not be registered or investigated. The public should be warned against products to measure radiation density and to shield against electromagnetic radiation from GSM- and 3G (UMTS)-antennas, DECT wireless telephones, WIFI wireless networks etcetera. Measurements are to be discouraged. There should not be made any correlation between the symptoms and following diseases and disabilities. The public should be reminded that only ionisating radiation, X-rays and radioactive radiation, is considered to be able to damage health. The symptoms of electromagnetic radiation sickness should be interpreted as the consequences of stress by the introduction of new technologies.

No diagnosis, no classification

The political message is clear. Health problems caused by electromagnetic radiation are not allowed to exist, even if a lot of people report them in thrustworthy and verifiable testimonies. The base of the coming information leaflet is a political document. Governments are instructed to develop tailored information for medical practitioners. The working group writes, that governments are not allowed to propose an official diagnosis, nor to introduce a classification for handicap status. That is a reaction to Sweden, where the Federation of Electrical Hypersensitive (FEB) is a member of the umbrella organization of federations of handicapped. Indirectly FEB receives some funds from the government. A few hospitals in Sweden even have a radiation free room. Governments who ignore the instructions of the WHO, are accused by Repacholi to foster victimisation and "to perpetuate a myth". Institutions who take the reports of citizens seriously, get a warning shot across the bows.

Appropriate interaction

The EMF-project makes a small exception. The instructions say the symptoms may be registered, as Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance attributed to Electro Magnetic Fields (IEI-EMF). But the political instructions continue. Governments have to make an end to measurements of radiation densities and structures. They have to develop 'appropriate interaction' with self-help groups. At last governments have to promote dialogue, to take away the anxiousness about the electromagnetic radiation sickness. After reading these instructions the questions are: how do the lots of reports by people who are sick by electromagnetic radiation relate to this 'fact sheet'? Why WHO refuses to give comment on the many thrustworthy and verifiable testimonies and cases? Why are these reports not registered and investigated?

see for Ex. hier (K. Puzyna)

Epidemiological research

The scientific foundations of the instructions and the leaflet are weak. Like with asbestos the only research that can give proof is epidemiological research, because electromagnetic radiation is a man-made environmental factor. According to the website of Etwald Goes all epidemiologic research until now found negative impact on well-being and health, from sleep disturbances to death. Moreover, it is impossible that the negative impact does not exist, since more than half of the in vitro and in vivo laboratory and provocative research finds damage. Such investigations can never fully represent true life with all the parameters of permanent exposure of living people, animals and plants. However, if most of these investigations show a negative impact, something must be the matter. Indeed there is a problem, according to the lots of reports WHO mentions.

Swiss study

Politicians should play the ball now. A growing amount of municipalities takes the anxiousness of citizens seriously, but they don't register or investigate the reports of electromagnetic radiation sickness. Politicians are not much interested in this part of public health. They wait for the results of a study in Switzerland, about 3G (UMTS) and well-being. Coordinator Peter Achermann: "we are currently in the process of analyzing the data. We hope to have a publication ready by the end of 2005." Before he warned the politicians that whatever are the results of the study, it does not say anything about postponed effects and the consequences of permanent radiation. It has been established already, that these effects exist. In a report for T-Mobile by the Jülich Institute of May 9 2005, the experts report effects on the central nervous system, cerebral bloodflow, neuronal activity, EEG, working of the brain and cognitive function. The European Reflex study found damage to DNA, which is an confirmation of earlier research and has been confirmed afterwards.

Political manifesto

Scientifically the harmfulness of electromagnetic radiation is proven, based on the many testimonies and anamneses, epidemiological research and most of the laboratory and provocative research. Nevertheless, the EMF-project of the WHO denies the existence of electromagnetic radiation sickness and even promotes the non-existence, though many scientists give a warning. The EMF-project works together with scientists who serve the wireless providers, not even keeping the appearance of independency. They simply do not take notion of or wipe away the epidemiologic research and make laboratory studies cancel each other out, which is scientifically inadmissible. The 'fact sheet' therefore is not a scientifically responsible and independent document. The information leaflet is based on instructions by a working group of only five people, organised by and participated by the EMF-project itself. It is reasonable to call it a political manifesto.


correspondence with Chiyoji Ohkubo, Michael Repacholi of the EMF-project, WHO, Geneva correspondence with Peter Achermann of the Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Zürich 'Bobje zingt weer' (canary bird sings again) in Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, August 19 2005 (42 testimonies in French around one antenna installation) (questions about health and radiation: email (page 8) and many other websites, like

----- Original Message -----

Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Subject: press article

Questions about this press article: e-mail

Another reason to sign the petition.

Monday, August 08, 2005
WHO & EMFs: No Commitment to Children Nor to Precaution

Dear Colleagues:

We have written a lot about the WHO EMF project recently and we were in the process of preparing our next posting on a different topic (check in later this week), when we came across a new paper on the sensitivity of children to EMFs by Leeka Kheifets, Mike Repacholi and other members of the EMF project. It appears in the August issue of Pediatrics. We could not let it pass without comment.

This paper reveals the WHO projects true commitment health, nor to children, nor to precaution, but to industry the project and its meetings. In this case, its the Electric Power Research Institute. In the same way that Repacholi found a way to accept contributions from the wireless industry, it also gets support from the electric utility industry. And Leeka Kheifets and Mike Repacholi deliver.

The mealy mouthed recommendations at the end of the paper are a travesty.

Read out latest post

and read the Pediatrics paper (its free)

and then decide for yourself whether these people should be running a public health program.

Louis Slesin

Join the petition !
Petition to remove Dr. Mike Repacholi as General Coordinator
Coordinator "International Electromagnetic Fields Project"

The Petition finished

Pétition pour faire enlever le Dr Michael REPACHOLI de son poste de
Coordinateur Général de l'OMS pour le programme International des Champs
Electro Magnétiques

tutaj petycja przetlumaczona po polsku !

Examples for answers by Repacholi to the pubilc: in the second example the word
science and its derivatives are used 8 times. If someone is really scientific, why would he need to use the word science so obsessively? this is a brainwash. The word money is not used even once, although the money was the point of the message that was sent to him originally. All he was asked was to show the source of money- he is in public organization and he owns this info to the public ! an idea is to use the freedom of information act and get the info through the court for showing why he needs to go home, to Telstra.

----- Original Message ----- From: To: Cc: ; Sent: Monday, November 15, 2004 12:33 AM Subject: RE: Sensitivity of Neurons to Weak Electric Fields

Robert WHO bases its decision on the science...if the science does not support your position this is not my problem. It is a cheap shot to say that because the WHO position is the same an an industry position that we are in bed with industry...this is patently untrue and it does you no good to even suggest it..

Our Director General claimed to be hypersensitive...this does not mean that we should base our decisions on anything but the valideated evidence..

Pity is that people such as yourself wont listen to the is one of our greatest resources...all successful countries reply on it.

Petition to remove Dr. Mike Repacholi as General Coordinator for the "International Electromagnetic Fields Programme"

Mon, 08 Aug 2005
Subject: petition Repacholi

Regards, Frans van Velden

to be forwarded:

Please, have a look at: ["Petition to remove
Dr. Mike Repacholi as General Coordinator for the "International
Electromagnetic Fields Programme" ]

22.5.06, the Petition finished

Best regards

(Olle Johansson, assoc. prof.
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm

WHO's Repacholi Has Done It Again
5 Aug 2005

There are quick results to Repacholi's action, I thank him in the name of the Israeli industry:

Today spreading on two pages is a weekend article in the most distributed newspaper, it is an article about radiation levels from phones, (of course the numbers look very small because they keep push SAR values and not say anything about the mikroW/cm2 units. )

The companies reaction in a frame near the article, refers the public to Repacholi's clarification.

The journalist writes: "in the cellular forum they refered us to a clarification notice that was published by the WHO, after the latest reports in the media about the need for precautionary principle with regard to exposure of kids to the radiation.

The clarification is at:

The companies say more: "The american FDA and the european WHO recommended the SAR level that is safe to use with cellular phones. So, every phone whose SAR is in the frame of this recommendation, is safe to use by the public, and it doesn't matter if it's kid adult or old people.

The SAR level represents maximum level in laboratory conditions while in
reality because of the network, the phones emit tens of procents less from the standard values.

Yediot Ahronot 5/8/05 by Gil Kalian. Mamon Magazine page 6-7.


Petition to remove Repacholi seems a good idea

August 04, 2005
Subject: Re: email no. 2 Fw: Petition to remove Repacholi

Dear Iris,

To me a petition to remove Repacholi seems a good idea. He does not communicate at all, does not accept and deal with information from the field, is on the wrong path reg. the objectives of the WHO (not the assessment of science but the highest possible health and well-being), adds to desinformation, etcetera.

Repacholi does not answer my e-mail with my two blind experiences.

Repacholi does not answer other questions I put as a journalist, e.g. immediately after the Canadian Television I asked him by e-mail if this was true or a mistake of the media. No answer. How can a journalist do his/her job if Repacholi does not answer at all? He is not communicating, adding to the desinformation.

Repacholi did not answer my e-mail in 2003 (I described all the symptoms and asked for help).

Repacholi did not answer my e-mail in 2004 (I offered the opportunity to investigate my case in the office, 180 metres from 5 times 5 kW ERP DVB-T).

Repacholi simply ignores input and information from the field, does not communicate at all, not with victims, not with journalists.

I have written a fax to Kerstin Leitner (Assistant Director-General Sustainable Development & Healthy Environments):

Frans van Velden
Drik Hoogenraadstraat 95
2586 TD The Hague

Kerstin Leitner
Assistant Director-General
Sustainable Development & Healthy Environments
WHO Headquarters

by fax: 00 41 22 791 3111

August 04, 2005

Dear Kerstin Leitner,

UMTS (3G), DECT, WIFI and other new wireless communication systems are being installed. These systems have impact on health including well-being.

I am a journalist in The Netherlands, I experience the disastrous and disabling impact myself and I have first hand evidence from other victims.

Because even a small health consequence from the exposure to the radiation has a major impact on public health, and since the citizens have the human right to the highest standards of health, I urge the WHO to investigate the cases of the victims and take measures.

Below you find an e-mail I have sent to Mike Repacholi, coordinator of the Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)-project.

Repacholi does not answer my e-mail.

I am very worried about the course of Repacholi and the EMF-project. I read that Repacholi says the victims are a myth. I found directives of a working group in Prague (2004), that the radiofrequency radiation sickness syndrom does not exist, the symptoms exist but can not be caused by radiation, health problems can not be caused by the symptoms, measurements of radiation should be deterred, unions of patients should be interfered with, etcetera. These are repressive instructions to medical doctors and governments. No account is given.

These directives work against the development of science, the freedom of citizens, an open and democratic society and the right to the highest standards of health.

I think Repacholi and the EMF-project are on the wrong path.

The parallel with the asbestos and tobacco dramas forces itself.

The EMF-project should not be a service to the industry and providers of wireless communication systems, against the public health interests. The EMF-project should not restrict to the assessment of science. The WHO stands for the highest possible level of health including well-being. The protection of public health is the first concern.

Kindly awaiting your reply,


Frans van Velden

I attached the two blind experiences.

Petition to remove Repacholi 1

Maybe this time, after reading the latest MWN commentary, people will take this more seriously?

August 02, 2005 10:56 AM
Petition to remove Repacholi

Dear Don and Iris,

A very interesting idea - when will it get officially launched?

Best regards

(Olle Johansson, assoc. prof.
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm

A new entry titled 'Petition to remove Repacholi ' has been posted to EMFacts Consultancy.

Iris Atzmon in Israel makes an interesting proposal below that should be taken seriously. As an example of the sort of action that could be taken for instance, the Union of Concerned Scientists has been circulating a petition for scientists to sign that calls for restoring scientific integrity in policymaking in the US as a result of the Bush administration's interference in regulatory science. A similar petition to the WHO could be circulated internationally - calling for the removal of Repacholi, who is to good science as Michael Jackson is to childcare.


From Iris Atzmon

I think "The WHO EMF Charade Continues" can be a good basis for a petition of "show us the money, Mike" by scientists and citizens. It should be the interest of the WHO eventually to remove this guy from his job (if they have some honest people left there) because Repacholi is causing a very big problem of public image to the WHO. The more of this info is circulating widely, the more people can neutralize any statement used by the governments and industry (especially industry) that uses the WHO as legitimation for their acts (or better- lack of acts). This knowledge gives power to the people. When people know how corrupted the WHO is, they can take this info to courts and use it there as well to neutralize the industry. The damage that Repacholi does to the image of the WHO can help breaking the status quo.
What science doesn't do (because it is ignored and manipulated), Repacholi's corruption can do. If used right and taken by the media, it can take the fight to a new direction.

M. Repacholi ? - send him home to Australia !

4 Aug 2005

Dear Colleague:

If for a short moment, you actually thought that Mike Repacholi
had done the right thing and was promoting a precautionary policy to
protect children from mobile phone radiation health risks, you had
better read our latest commentary,

Those of you who know Mike and the way he works will not
be surprised. We only wonder what will it take for people to
get fed up and send him home to Australia !

Louis Slesin, PhD
Microwave News, A Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation
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WHO says that phones are dangerous to children
July 17, 2005
From: Iris Atzmon

Repacholi statement on hands-free headsets to children yielded this in the Israeli TV and then also the newspapers:

"WHO says that phones are dangerous to children" (TV)
"WHO is doing a study on children and/ or says that phones are dangerous to children" (newspapers)

the companies reaction about the hands free headset was that it should be taken seriously, and the solution is to put more antennas because the more antennas are, the less the power they emit.

One thing led to another and this is in the headlines today: "A study done by the WHO determined that cellular radiation can damage children. Following the study, the communication minister has decided to force the cellular companies to print a warning on mobile phones".

By Tamar Trabalsi Hadad.
Yediot Ahronot 17/7/05

The communication minister, Dalia Izik, informed that she would force the cellular companies to print warning on mobile phones about the possible risks and damages that the use can cause children. The decision was received following the notice from the World Health Organization on the subject.

A study done for the WHO found that children are exposed more than adults to radiation. It was claimed in the study that because children's skulls are thinner, and their brains are developing, the EMR can cause damage.

"The study done by the WHO needs to turn on a red light. We have to act in order to protect the children" said the communication minister (WHO is always on the cellular companies side!...I.A)

According to Izik, the warning on cigarette boxes affected many smokers and a warning on the mobile will have similar effect. Izik ordered the people in her ministry to study the recent studies done by the WHO, and to decide with consultation of the health ministry and environment ministry about a warning that would force the cellular companies. She asked the team also to decide on recommendations about children use of cellular phones.

Several months ago, after UK government decided to publish warning on the phones about the use of children, Dr. Izhak Kadman, executive of the council for children's wellness, asked for similar rules in Israel.

And on another subject: The cellular companies executives will start a campaign against the resistance of the public to the cellular antennas. It is the first time they will do it themselves and not through their PR office. The Home office minister Ofir Pines is leading a change of the law in Israel. The 3 changes are:

1. The public will have the right to resist the antennas
2. The local authorities will have the right to resist antennas
3. The cellular companies will pay 80% compensation on reduction of property value and the local authority will pay 20% (to the citizens).

After preparing the public and the ministers to the discussion in the government today, on TV, newspapers and radio, the discussion was postponed in the last moment.

The cellular companies executives called for a special press conference on Friday's afternoon, it is a very unusual step, and they informed they were going to go for a fight. They open a fight against the public attack on the cellular antennas. The reason for urgency was the step by Ofir Pines that was supposed to move today to a government decision (and them to passing a law). The cellular companies were sure the communication minister would file a compromise request but she decided not to do so.

They companies did not expect the extent to which the resistance to antennas would grow. The executives said the suggestion (of Pines) is "unbalanced".
"Our suggestion is to examine the subject again and not accept a decision now" said Pelephone's executive. Amikam Cohen (Partner's executive) said that it's about billions of shekels of lawsuits and they would not be able to survive it.

The PR are done with the help of Professor Yossi Riback. He is from the faculty of public health in Tel Aviv university. (Riback consults to the cellular companies for several years, he is also a member of the committee for environmental carcinogens of the Cancer Society of Israel).

He says that from the public health point of view the more antennas is better because the high density of antennas reduces the power of the real danger- the radiation from cellular phones. Riback said there is a "crusade" against the antennas and it is not justified from a public health point of view.

There are about 6200 antennas in Israel today and the 3G will bring this number to 25,000 antennas. This year the companies erected 2100+ antennas of 3G. Pelephone's executive said: "the government sold frequencies for 150 million dollars and forces us to erect 3G within three years. If the decision is not to erect 3G, then give us back the money you got and we invested".

Warning before EMF-R high court lawsuit

From: Repacholi, Michael Harry

To: Hans Karow

Cc: ; Leeka Kheifets

Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2005 2:09 AM

Subject: RE: MWN Commentary July 5 2005 your position please

Dear Hans

Thank you for sending on the commentary from Louis Slesin. Unfortunately Louis has always been a critic of what WHO is trying to achieve - and that is to assess the science in a scientific and unbiased way using criteria that WHO has applied for almost 60 years. As you know WHO has built the highest possible reputation in public health matters among the public and governments world wide and the EMF Project will not be deviating from the sound science course that sustains this high esteem, no matter what the pressures from self interest groups or individuals. Louis appeals to people who do not believe in the scientific method for resolving issues. He, like others who are unable to argue a scientific case always claim WHO decisions are industry biased - a completely untrue position. Our Legal Department has clear rules for funding and inputs to the health risk assessment process. WHO scientists working on the EMF Project are and will continue to be unswayed by any special interest group as long as I have input to the process.

With respect to the WHO message on the use of precaution, our message is clear. As outlined in our Fact Sheet on mobile phones (see: http://whoint/mediacentre/) it states: If individuals are concerned, they might choose to limit their own or their children's' RF exposure by limiting the length of calls, or using "hands-free" devices to keep mobile phones away from the head and body. WHO is promoting precaution and particularly the reduction of exposure through its Policy Framework. The Ottawa meeting has been formatted to deliberately challenge all aspects of the Framework. Whatever the outcome of the Ottawa meeting, WHO will continue to promote precaution in public health policy where there is uncertainty in the science. Louis tends to have a short-term memory when criticizing WHO policy.

With respect to your own situation, WHO held a workshop in Prague late last
year. For more information see: http://whoint/. I have met many people with your condition and I do sympathise hugely with your plight because I know how much it affects people and that the symptoms suffered are real. However, the conclusion of the WHO workshop, and a recent solid review of the science, was that there is no evidence to suggest your condition is caused by exposure to EMF. Given the lack of evidence to show a causal relationship between your symptoms and EMF, it is important to communicate this message instead of continuing the myth that low-level EMF is causing various symptoms that may be due to other causes. WHO will be coming out with more information on this very soon.

If I can provide any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards



Dr Mike H Repacholi

Coordinator, Radiation & Environmental Health

Protection of the Human Environment

World Health Organization

20 Avenue Appia

CH-1211 Geneva 27


Tel +41 22 791 34 27

Fax +41 22 791 41 23


Your position please

From: Hans Karow
Sent: 07 July 2005 01:50

To: Repacholi, Michael Harry

Subject: MWN Commentary July 5 2005 your position please

Dear Dr. Repacholi,

re: Dr. Louis Slesin's July 5, 2005 Commentary in MicroWaveNews


May kindly ask for your position to Dr. Slesin's Commentary, a copy
attached below.

For your information, I am electro-sensitive and thanks to self-educating myself via some independent EMF/EMR experts and their web sites with my precautionary approach I am able to reduce -wherever circumstances allow me- my suffering due to EMF/EMR induced biological effects, however I do not have any control over radio/microwave radiation I am involuntarily exposed to. As far as I know and I have been informed by both sides of the controversial EMF/EMR issue, there have been not yet established/determined safe levels of EMF/EMR exposure levels.

My electro-sensitivity I can probably blame due to the fact that during my childhood I slept with my head against a "power wall" (main power panel). I am still investigating whether my leukopenia is also a result of this early childhood exposure.

Since the introduction of the cell-phone industry here in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia/Canada I have been suffering by severe tinnitus in both ears 24 hours a day year round. So far I have still come across replicated studies that EMF/EMR do not affect our delicate body electric, including the ear mechanism.

Again, I kindly ask you for your position with regards Dr. Slesins July 5,
2005 Commentary.

Thank you very much in advance,

Hans Karow

Show us the money, Mike!
July 6, 2005
From: Iris Atzmon

I think "The WHO EMF Charade Continues" can be a good basis for a
petition of "show us the money, Mike" by scientists and citizens. It should
be the interest of the WHO eventually to remove this guy from his job (if
they have some honest people left there) because Repacholi is causing a very big problem of public image to the WHO. The more of this info is circulating widely,
the more people can neutralize any statement used by the governments and industry (especially industry) that uses the WHO as legitimation for their acts (or better- lack of acts). This knowledge gives power to the people. When people know how corrupted the WHO is, they can take this info to courts and use it there as well to neutralize the industry. The damage that Repacholi does to the image of the WHO can help breaking the status quo. What science doesn't do (because it is ignored and manipulated), Repacholi's corruption can do. If used right and taken by the media, it can take the fight to a new direction.

I am really ashamed
July 6, 2005
From: larry blackhall

Remarkable isn't it that the WHO is holding this farce in Ottawa Canada?

I resent it.

The proverb goes that when you sleep with dogs you get fleas.

So what happens when the dogs come to sleep with you?

I just hope that some of our Canadian media take a bite out of this and tell the whole truth for a change - so far they have avoided it.

The Vancouver Sun is a leader at living in denial - I am really ashamed.


Yess !!

That's exactly what is needed- strong frontal resistance to the WHO corruption, de-legitimation of all this theatre show. I'm trying to distribute it widely

This must be in the national news sooner or later, otherwise Israel
will cite "the duck" (see the link) for good.

From: Louis Slesin, Microwave News
Date: 07/06/05
To: iris atzmon

Subject: The WHO EMF Charade Continues

If you are wondering what Mike Repacholi has been up to at the World Health

Organization's (WHO) EMF project since he and Leeka Kheifets did a flip-flop on the precautionary princuple back in 2003, check out the agenda and the discussion document for the meeting which Mike is hosting in Ottawa, Canada, next week.

The short version is that Mike has been devising reasons to do absolutely nothing --that is, to make sure no serious precautionary policies are put in place. It's all been a charade.

Our latest commentary explains what's going on. You can read it, as well as

download the meeting agenda and discussion document at:

Time To Stop the WHO Charade
July 5, 2005

Now we know what Mike Repacholi has been doing since the infamous Mike-and-Leeka flip-flop of 2003. Back then Repacholi and his assistant Leeka Kheiefets decided that there was no need to apply the precautionary principle to EMFs—soon after telling everyone that the time for action had finally arrived.

It appears that for the last two-and-a-half years, when not shuttling from one meeting to another, Mike has been cataloguing ways the WHO can avoid taking precautionary steps to reduce EMF exposures.

Mike’s apologia will be presented next week at a three-day workshop in Ottawa, July 11-13. He calls it a policy framework. We call it a sham. Mike has assembled a list of reasons for doing nothing. Electric utilities and telecom companies could have written the WHO plan. They may well have played a leading role.

You can see where Mike’s sympathies lie from the workshop agenda: the GSM Association, the U.K. National Grid, the American Chemical Council, Shell Canada, have all been invited to speak, together with an assortment of academics, risk consultants and a few of his WHO buddies.

Mike has not even made a pretense of having a balanced program. Absent are labor, consumer and environmental groups, save one small Canadian organization. John Swanson of the National Grid will be in Ottawa, but Alasdair Phillips, England’s leading and most knowledgeable EMF activist, will not be there—no doubt because he would openly challenge Repacholi’s pro-industry sympathies.

Power lines or mobile phones are not really even on the workshop agenda. Only Mike is slated to address the EMF issue. Instead, the Ottawa workshop will address many of the major social risks that are in the news: global warming, mad cow disease, and even a flu pandemic which could wipe out many of us long before the ice caps melt. Mike’s message is loud and clear: Don’t worry about a tiny—and unlikely—EMF health risk when there are more important threats on the horizon.

Back in early 2003, there were enough reasons to invoke the precautionary principle for power-frequency EMFs and for RF from mobile phones. Over the last year, more studies have reaffirmed the need for caution. Three different data sets now implicate long-term use of mobile phones with acoustic tumors: Two from the Öreboro group and one from the Karolinska group. The University of Vienna has found support for Henry Lai and NP Singh’s studies showing that RF radiation can break DNA—these results from the REFLEX research program indicate that RF radiation may well be genotoxic after all. And even more recently, an Australian researcher reported additional evidence that RF can break up DNA.

Just last month, a British team published a paper in the British Medical Journal showing that children living near power lines had higher than expected rates of leukemia. The National Grid’s Swanson is one of the authors of that paper, but at this point he is not slated to discuss it in Ottawa.

Mike has no use for any of this new information —none of it is cited in his framework—because he has already made up his mind that nothing needs to be done. When the REFLEX DNA work first hit the media, Mays Swicord and his team at Motorola didn’t have to say a word because their man in Geneva, Mike Repacholi of the World Health Organization, was ready to speak for them. Mike offered immediate reassurances that the Vienna results are spurious and may be discounted. "One has to question what went wrong, or was different, for them to get the results they claim," Mike told the New Scientist.

Mike wants us to believe that his is the voice of reason, but, in fact, it is his views that are out of step with those of many national governments. China, Italy, Switzerland and Russia have all adopted precautionary exposure limits —directly rejecting Mike’s pleas for harmonizing radiation standards. Expert panels in England, France, Germany and Russia have all issued statements discouraging children from using mobile phones.

To his shame, Mike was the only member of Sir William Stewart’s panel to object when, in 2000, it was the first to call for children to avoid cell phones. English kids, like others everywhere, love their mobile phones and use them all the time. Neither they nor most of their parents have ever heard of Sir William’s cautionary advice. But even though largely ignored by consumers, Sir William, with this single recommendation, underscored our ignorance about radiation health effects and prompted continued health research. He set a tone for others to follow.

Sir William’s imperative is to protect public health. That is also supposed to be Mike’s mission at the WHO. But his words and action make it clear that his principal interest is in the well-being of his corporate friends.

As the old saying goes, "If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it’s a sure bet, that it’s a duck." Mike’s actions and words are those of an industry operative. And for all we know he may be one.

Mike has repeatedly refused to disclose who is paying for his EMF project and all its conferences and workshops. We do know that WHO does not foot the bill. Mike has to raise his own budget and travel funds. We also know that he found a way to skirt the WHO rules that bar direct industry support —the mobile phone manufacturers have said that they provide him with $150,000 a year with additional money for meeting and travel expenses.

But where does all the other money come from? What’s stopping Mike from doing the right thing? Why doesn’t he issue a simple and clear message that EMFs and RF radiation present possible health risks and that, until more answers are in hand, we should try to reduce unnecessary exposures. All he needs to do is to offer a single sentence of advice: Be careful until we know more about the health risks. That’s it. A simple public health message of caution from the World Health Organization.

It's time for the Mike-and-Leeka charade to come to an end. Show us the money, Mike. Show us who’s paying the bill. Maybe then we will know who you are really working for.

Louis Slesin, PhD


Microwave News, A Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation

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From: Annie Lobé
Sent: Tuesday, December 21, 2004
Explanations about JP Lentin's info from France

Dear all,
May I react to Jean-Pierre Lentin's mail, dated Dec 17, about what is happening in France, in which my name was quoted, but associated with some incorrect information. I wish Jean-Pierre had asked me before sending out this mail, or had at least sent me a copy of it right away, which unfortunately he didn't do.

The complaint I filed is against Bernard Veyret and Rene de Seze. Both of them made scientific communications in 1991 and 1995, recognizing and even explaining the specific effects of EMF in great details, even though they now deny them. The complaint is based on their own scientific documents, as well as on prooves of their financial links with Motorola and consorts.

If the Russian knew about all that, they probably would'nt accept what is being proposed to them.

The judge seemed interested. He let me know he would upheld the complaint after a certain event takes place, which I unfortunately cannot mention. The question is, when ?

All of us are concerned by Veyret's lies, for he is a leading member of ICNIRP, OMS and DG XIII's European Commission, the three of which are responsible for producing "protection" standards and recommendations that make so many people ill all around the world.

Should any of you be willing to file such a complaint in your own country, I'd be glad to let you have the necessary documents (most of them are in French, you will probably have to pay for a certified translation).

Shortly before Ross Adey's death, I spoke to him on the phone, asking if he was aware of what I'd just had a confirmation to : the extremely low frequency of 16 Hz is present in the European GSM. He told me that he knew about that.

Some of you probably know the studies of Ross Adey and Carl Blackman about the calcium ion efflux that takes place at 16 Hz.

Several measurements on a mobile phone during the communcation, with professional instruments, showed not only 16 Hz, but every harmonics (multiple) of 8 Hz, up to 500 Hz. This means that not only 16 Hz, but other frequencies that may provoke this calcium ion efflux, are emitted.

The question is, why ? Probably because of the "american and japanese" electronical components, as per a scientist who participated the the GSM working group more than 20 years ago.

Anyway, I've been lead to interesting findings about the causal link between the calcium ion efflux caused by certain particular frequenciesand the micro-wave syndrom, as well as other diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's desease, diabetes, depression and insomnia.

This scientific data is currently being examined by several experienced seekers. I didn't intend to speak up on the public scene before their validation, but I have to do it now, because of Jean-Pierre Lentin's mail. It's a few months too early but now, you are aware of what is about to happen.

Should some of you want to propose help, I'd be very glad to receive it.

Truly yours,

Annie Lobe

PS : I'm not an activist but a free-lance journalist who specialized in scientific investigation. I began to investigate on cell phones 3 years ago.

Important message from France

(From Jean-Pierre Lentin)
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004
From: Don Maisch <>

Dear Roy In the below informative message from Jean-Pierre Lentin take special note about what is mentioned about ICNIRP's Bernard Veyret. Interesting as Veyret will be "guiding" the so-called French/Russian series of studies to verify (or not) the validity of the Russian RF Standards, (and therefore ICNIRP's as well). As I mention in my report on the Russian cell phone conference the credibility of ICNIRP is also at stake in these studies. Allowing ICNIRP to "guide" this research effort I would call a BIAS of the highest order. All the more reason
that Section III of my report is taken up as a requirement by the Russian RF scientific community. This is a recommendation that an independent oversight committee be formed to monitor the progress of the research. I have previously suggested this to the RNCNIRP . Whether that translates into firm action remains to be seen. In my opinion what ICNIRP hopes to accomplish with these studies is to lead the Russians down the garden path right to their scientific slaughterhouse. And then the main threat to ICNIRP's version of "science" is eliminated.


Pass it on! Don Dear Don, I am currently reading Alexander and Ann Shulgin's "PIHKAL", originally published in 1991, a book about their life of research on psychedelic drugs, with no obvious connection with EMF health issues, except this interesting "factoid" : In year 1966, Alexander Shulgin, a chemistry researcher, was briefly employed by an American military facility, the San Carlos Aerospace Laboratory, at Sunnyvale, California. This is his account of top-secret on-going research projects at the time : Here were arcane projects such as black membrane dynamics, and studies of the influence of gravity on plant growth, the relationships between magnetic fields and the blood-brain barrier, and the effects of radiation on fertility. All were intriguing studies, and all were being run in well equipped laboratories by extremely competent scientists. Until now, the earliest references found for American military research about EMF effect on blood-brain barrier were 1972 or 1974. Now, we find that this subject of research was already being studied in 1966 ! Apparently, the American army knows a lot of things about EMF effects on health, things that are still not revealed today... Well, while I'm at it, here are a few infos on what's happening in France and elsewhere on the "frontline" of EMF & health issues. Mobile phone operators in France have filed a judiciary complaint against two notorious French anti-masts activists, Etienne Cendrier and Annie Lobe, demanding incredible sums... As French justice is pretty slow, these trials will probably happen within the next year (2005). The activists are being pursued for declarations they have made to the press, so it seems to me that this is in clear violation of freedom of expression rights. Ever an optimist, I think this complaint will not be upheld by the judges, and that this "gagging" strategy from the mobile phone operators will turn out to be viewed as a very bad idea, and seriously tarnish their reputation. We will see... I must add that Annie Lobe herself did file a complaint against French scientist Bernard Veyret, who heads the "biology commission" at ICNIRP (although he is a physicist !!!). Veyret may be viewed as the "French Michael Repacholi", i.e. the reassuring expert who constantly downplays, in official reports and media communication, all independant research about EMF health-risks. Now, unfortunately, I seriously doubt that Annie's action will be followed by the judges, for lack of scientific evidence, despite the encouraging message she received from W. Ross Adey shortly before his death... We have a lot of "cancer clusters" in France, linked to mobile phone masts, but despite the valiant efforts of several citizens associations, the plight of those poor people is not being seriously considered by public health authorities. And things won't change in the near future, as our new "health czar" (i.e. director of the "Delegation Generale de la Sante", the top health public institution in France), nominated last year, is none other than Dr. William Dab, who headed for years the "medical department" of EDF (French national electricity distribution), and repeatedly said you can live safely under a high-voltage line... Right now, the top independant scientific website on EMF health risks in France is Most of their material is in French, but they have several English translations, and I strongly suggest a visit to their pages. These people (Richard Gautier, PhD, Roger Santini, PhD, Pierre Le Ruz, PhD, and Daniel Oberhausen, PhD) are the best French independant experts on EMF & health. They published a "white book" last year on mobile phone health risks, which caused quite a stir. I might add that my own book, "Ces ondes qui tuent, ces ondes qui soignent" (Waves that kill, waves that heal), on EMF & health, has been republished as a pocket book last May, and has sold so far about 20 000 to 30 000 units, which is a nice figure for France, and makes me one of the most outspoken opponents of EMF pollution in France. Unfortunately there is no English translation. The only abroad publishing so far is.... an Arabic translation ! A more exotic note to finish.

My ex-wife, who's a TV documentary director and who did with me a 52 minutes documentary on EMF health risks, "Ces ondes qui nous entourent" / Mit Strahlung in die Zukunft), aired on French-German TV channel Arte in 2002, is now a fervent Tibetan Buddhist and is traveling a lot in India. A few weeks ago, she was in the Myrik monastery, in north-eastern India, the world leading center for the Changpa Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism. And she was horrified to find that a mobile phone base station is being built on the roof of the "retreat center", i.e. the place where dozens of young Buddhist converts, coming from from all the world, will spent four years in isolation and prayer in order to become Buddhist monks or nuns. That means they will live for 4 years, 24 hours a day, under a phone mast ! We are right now setting up a campaign to have the masts relocated to a safer place. Stay in tune ! Well, that's it for today. Of course, all these informations may be posted on the list, if you wish.

Warm Regards
Jean-Pierre Lentin

Prof. Dr. Roger Santini

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