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Yaiva is the only name analysis with true, objective demonstration of effectiveness. This analysis is not based on Kabbala.
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My previous publications
published in the magazine "Good Times":
Good Times Verlag
Marita Schillerwein
Eissendorfer Pferdeweg 50
2100 Hamburg 90

1 Verkaufen Tauschen Teilen (= Selling Exchanging Sharing) 
in Nr. 30 - März 1988

2 Theoretiker und Lichtgestalter (= Theorists and Creators of Light) 
in Nr. 34 - Juni 1988

3 Hat der Meister gute Zahlen? (= Does the Master have good Numbers?)
in Nr. 37 - Oktober 1988

4 Der Meister und der Gehörnte (= The Master and the Horned One) 
in Nr. 44 - Mai 1989

Die Magie der Zahlen (= The Magic of Numbers) 
5 I.Teil in Nr. 31 - April 1988
6 II.Teil in Nr. 32 - Mai 1988
7 III.Teil in Nr. 34 - Juni 1988
8 IV.Teil in Nr. 36 - September 1988
9 V.Teil in Nr. 37 - Oktober 1988
10 VI.Teil in Nr. 44 - Mai 1989

published in the magazine "Abrahadabra":
Breite Str. 65
29468 Bergen/ Dumme

Die Numerologischen Inspirationen (=The Numerical Inspirations)
11 I.Teil in Nr. 12 - Dezember 1991
12 II.Teil in Nr. 1 - Januar 1992

13 Buddha oder Moses - zwei Wege der Numerologie (=Two Lines of Numerology )
in Nr. 4 - April 1992
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What is Yaiva

Yaiva is the examination of the movement of the spirit through the powerof words. Yaiva produces linguistic equations between the inner backgroundof speech and its outward articulation.

Yaiva takes into account levels of oscillation, spiritual currents and mentalramification: The date of birth, the name and the sex.

They are accordingly named in connection with the activity of the human spirit.

The naming of all subtle, spiritual processes which take place in the humanbody was obtained from the oldest book in the world, Rigveda, in the exactscientific translation of the Sanskrit language.

The discovery, the application and the cultivation of these correlationsis Yaiva.

Yaiva is a method which looks beyond the common, human horizon.

This is why Yaiva is asking for patience.

In contrast to contemporary, negative sciences, the results of Yaiva do notbecome outdated, but rather become gradually visible depending on the developmentof the individual consciousness.

The average time-period for perceiving the results is four years. You cantest the reliability of Yaiva for yourself by checking the results of thepast.

You are the competent person for this.

The methods of demonstration were chosen in such a way that they can be easilycomprehended.

The Yaiva method, the results and this book came into being through privatework, totally independent of the social and spiritual constraints of occidentalzivilisation.

The Yaiva equations provide documented evidence, however, Yaiva has no political,material or social obligation to comply with any scientific rules.

Thus, every reader has the possibility of testing and is invited to formhis or her own independent opinion.

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The demonstration of effectiveness of the Yaiva method:

All of the clear analyses which I made 5 years ago and which were publishedin the magazine "Good Times" were confirmed by press reports later.

3.1 The choice of terms to be analysed

Why did I analyse mainly sentences and terms for the choice of demonstrationinstead of personal names?

Nothing is easier than analysing the names of well-known personalities, butin case one would make known something unfamiliar or unpleasant, this couldlead to defensive statements by the individual concerned.

On the other hand, predicting an unknown person's full curriculum vitae orhis traits of character and then having this "chance" person acknowledgethese "facts" is a popular trick used by salesmen and by the advertisingof all branches. The "chance" person, which is often presented as an"independent, competent person" or as "an expert: Prof. Dr. Dr. The Best",is usually an individual who is being paid to spread a positive, sales-promotingimpression about the offered method or product.

One false impression can destroy a thousand facts. The media are full offalse impressions. There is a gradual tendency to no longer form one's ownopinion based on the news in the media. Presenting the correct analysis ofpersons who are known beforehand in order to give evidence is therefore notsound and cannot withstand criticism.

Also, claiming that the method/product is successful with competent peopleas politicians, kings or single personalities as for example Bill Gates,is an evil marketing-lie, as long as these persons are unreachable for personalqueries. Trusting well-known individuals has at any rate proven to be highlydisappointing.

If one is going to trust someone, then it should be someone who has a longexperience in the effort to becoming humane. These true heroes radiate fromwithin. Such an effect can be attained neither with expensive clothing norwith previously studied behaviour, cosmetics, plastic surgery or sports.These are the saints.

They are, however, so rare, that I must promptly recommend: Trust only yourselfand form yourself a free opinion.

The third reason why I do not find the analysis of personal names appropriatefor the demonstration of the effectiveness of the method, is this: Many peoplehave a mental tendency to fulfill those prophecies which are directed straightat their ego. This self-fulfilling prophecy, however, cannot be valid asevidence of an independent, objective method.

The effect of the self-fulfilling prophecy is very often presented asdemonstration of the effectiveness, instead of "calling a spade a spade".Thus, a method which is basically good, can easily be labeled as "fraud".

The Yaiva is a unique, universal method, providing personal as well as objectiveproofs. It requires your personal, critical examination.

To me, objective means that every person with a bit of intelligence is capableof dealing with the demonstration, understanding it and judging it independently.

3.2 Criteria of the objective demonstration

I chose the following criteria in order to get objective evidence:

The way of publications.

The chosen terms and sentences from various areas of life should be knownto the vast majority of people, in order to exclude the possibility of polemicmanipulation of the meaning. The level of indication should not be reducedto the limits of relative frequency of a statement, to the prediction ofYes or No. Those statements which were to be found true later must show anew meaning in the process, one that was not gained from examining the contentsof words or terms. Of course the correct Yaiva statements did not alwaysprovide something completely new. Linguistic contributions were analysed,the meaning of which did not differ from the truth-content of thesubconscious.All the more valuable, then, are those statements in which indeedthe unknown manifested itself as that which was right - see the "case ofthe SDI".

Yaiva demonstration also avoids the retarded knowledge which is typical forexample of the prophecies of Nostradamus or the Jewish Cabalists. Their textsare so generally or ambiguously formulated that one can search for any"prophesied" events and indeed find them, if one knows which events actuallytook place.

The statements of Yaiva concerning the provision of evidence are linguisticequations. The freedom of dialectic interpretation is limited to synonymouswords, whose spheres of meaning are to a large extent congruent.

Please go and see for yourself.

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The evidence in detail

The evidence in detail can be fond in my books, here just one example:

published by me in 1988

page 19, column 2 in (7):

Politics is an interesting field as far as numerology is concerned. Again and again we are showered with names and ideas, the sense of which we cannot check. As a first example, let's take the SDI-project (US- Strategic Defense Initiative: 35). I would just like to point out that this number stands for wrong speculations. To my mind, the namesakes' conviction of the failure of this project is unambiguous. Maybe it was only devised in order to deceive people.


Hamburger Abendblatt of 19 August 1993

Maneuver in Space

Three Anti-Ballistic Missile tests for "Star wars" had already failed, when the USA presented this SDI-Monster in 1984. And this time the missile aimed at was hit. "A great bang", as one onlooker remembers. Everyone was impressed. Congress no longer questioned but rather granted new funds. The Soviets yielded in the fight over medium-range missiles in Europe. Now, however, it came to light: There was a catch in it - the experiment was fake! In order not to disgrace themselves again, the SDI-engineers had equipped the attacking missile with a sender, and the interceptor with a receiver. The "New York Times " reports that the then US Minister of Defence Caspar Weinberger had agreed to the fake trick. Today, Weinberger keeps his silence.

Hamburger Morgen Post 30.12.1995

Veto against Star Wars

Washington - President Bill Clinton has suspended the US-sanctions against the rest of Yugoslavia. Furthermore, he vetoed a budget of one billion for a missile-defense system in space.

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Introduction to first names

The cited effects of first names derive from two different sources of the human mind. The general effects, adored in the consciousness of the native language, derive from the so-called subconscious. According to my understanding of Yaiva, the grosser effects can be compared to the main stream. The more refined effects, contained in the Sanskrit-translation of Yaiva, are independent of the phenomena of this world and of the native language. They form the more refined channels of consciousness and are responsible for the way in which the name-bearer perceives reality.

Pronouncing them supports the aura of the name and the main stream. These subtle causes can be considered as tributary streams, feeding the main stream.

However, the two kinds of effects, gross and refined, are subtle, since they cannot be experienced through perception by the five physical senses of common man.

This means: Eliminating the subtle qualities of the name is almost as easy as experiencing the effects after a while without any prior preparation.

The drying up of a source does not lead to the drying up of the main stream, it only becomes weaker.

Why are such subtle effects important?

As opposed to most other names and terms contained in a language, personal names are very long-lived and unchangeable. They constantly cause effects, as long as they are borne by a living consciousness.

The gross effects seem to be stronger than the more refined. They are, however- as the stream is dependant on the source - dependent on the subtle causes.

After 10 years or 100 000 repetitions of the causes of the name, the effects of first names are clearly distinct and quite near, however, mostly invisible for those concerned.

Seeing them is Yaiva. It means moving on a new level.

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References to the application of the job recommendations

The analysed name choice of about 2000 names, of a selection of 32000 names, takes into account names which appear more than twice in this selection. This result poses the question why in Germany people with

rare names are statistically more successful than people with the more common names. However, the answer to this is a completely different story.

Those who have the relatively weak names can use their name for their own benefit by applying Yaiva equations. People with rare names can request a personal analysis.

The proper names corresponding to certain jobs determined by Yaiva are regional. They refer to the local language, in this book to the German language and to men, who also use it in their subconscious.

The advantage of the Yaiva-equations is the strengthening effect of the new employee, who is perceived by the other employees as supportive rather than disturbing.

This new employee filling the vacation will characterize the work procedures in the firm in such a way as his own position requires. In case someone wants to set up for himself, the proper name for the firm can be a great support. You don't need to spend a lot of money for the proper name, but rather you can create it from the job recommendation and your own name, e.g. Verlag (Publishing Society) Fiebig

For some names there is no recommendation, i.e. Yaiva has not found and equation in its data bank. For this case and for the actual job recommendation for a person a personal Yaiva name analysis is advisable.

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Yaiva of jobs- examples


General images of inner hopes, feelings and yearnings:

Sex and meditation -tantra, love, support, restlessness.

The name Albrecht has a supportive effect in the following fields: (the exact job for material success and harmony with other people must be found out in a personal conversation).

Blood bank, design, diabetes, gravestones/monuments, granite, Huna-Vita, genetics, India, technology, sewerage works, shipyard, brickworks, Islam, pendulum, metals, Lithuania.


General images of inner hopes, feelings and yearnings:

Opportunity for marriage at an early age but caution when choosing the partner, don't stumble into marriage, marriage, community, envy.

The name Alexander has a supportive effect in the following field: (the exact job for material success and harmony with other people must be found out in a personal conversation).

Nurseries (for plants)..


General images of inner hopes, feelings and yearnings:

strong faith and the power of wishing, religion, freedom, egoism.

The name Althaus has a supportive effect in the following field: (the exact job for material success and harmony with other people must be found out in a personal conversation).

Store for building supplies.


General images of inner hopes, feelings and yearnings:

Extending the victory, not resting, source of all change, spiritual understanding, destructiveness

The name Althoff has a supportive effect in the following field: (the exact job for material success and harmony with other people must be found out in a personal conversation).

Directory inquiries, Fan-Shop.


General images of inner hopes, feelings and yearnings:

Sound professional knowledge for success in the job, knowledge, heat, pleasure from magical creations.

The name Altmann has a supportive effect in the following field: (the exact job for material success and harmony with other people must be found out in a personal conversation).

Stock market, security guards, Bonsai, academies, shops for health food, gloves, wickerwork, railings, exotic species, purchase, Hebrew, Poland, stadiums, diving, museums, children, rental cars.

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Books and performances

Yaiva of Job Aspirations for Men

296 pages, 1689 names, format: DIN A4

weight: 815 g., Hamburg 1998, 58,- (in german)

Yaiva of First Names for Women

289 pages, 1569 names, format: DIN A4

weight: 780 g., Hamburg 1998, 50,- (in german)

Yaiva of First Names for Men

261 pages, 1332 names, format: DIN A4

weight: 700 g., Hamburg 1998, 40,- (in german)

Personal Yaiva Analysis (in english)

requires information on date of birth, sex and personal names (first names and family names)

with job recommendations: 40,- (Yai 4)

with job recommendations, also for the future: 130,- (Yai 5)

Yaiva Analysis Exact (in english)

one title free: 330,- (Yai 2)

requires information on date of birth, sex and personal names (first names and family names)

Yaiva References to Date of Birth* (in english)

10,- (Yai 8) or free

requires information on date of birth, sex and personal names (first names and family names); *  -

free - see also in Yaiva topical

Yaiva Personnel Selection (in english)

200,- (Yai 9)

requires personal contact and information on date of birth, sex and personal names (first names and family names)

Authentic Yaiva !
All services are personally conceived, produced and supervised by the Author

Yaiva, Hütten 118, D-20355 Hamburg

Email: yaiva@yaiva.com

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