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First published on this Yaiva-Site on 6 August 1998

In the "Hamburger Morgenpost" of 01.08.1998,page 40, I read about a question that is interesting forYaiva:

Why does the sun almost always appear from theleft side on paintings?

The "editorial office of knowledge" had found the answer in "NatureNeuroscience":

On 77 percent of the paintings in museums like the Louvre in Parisand the Prado in Madrid the source of light comes from the left side, asresearchers have found out. The reason, they assume, is that right-handedpeople, constituting 90 percent of humanity, learn so to speak instinctivelyto stand with the sun to their left-hand side, so that they can have a betterview of what they are holding in their right hand. Light from the left-handside is felt to be more pleasant.

The number 77 is farther away from the number 90 than the number75 is from the number 77, and therefore there is a better answer for thisfrom the Yaiva-perspective:

The sun appears from the left on paintings in 77 percent of thecases, because one fourth of humanity (25 percent) is influenced by the numberfour. The number 77 means that three out of four (75 percent of 100) peopleact similarly, as 77 percent is very close to 75 percent, taking into accountthe error tolerance within statistical inquiries. The fourth person (i.e.the remaining 25 percent) will therefore act differently than the others,if only due to the fact that he is the fourth.

In my publications - series The Magic ofNumbers 5 Part I. in No. 31 - April 1988 and The Numerological Inspirations11 Part I. in No. 12 - December 1991 and 13 Buddha or Moses - Two Ways ofNumerology (2.6 The Secret of the Four) this is well obvious,e.g.:

2.6 The Secret of the Four:

"... in order to phrase it more obviously: Natural Science knowsonly two possibilities for a fictitious fact A: Either A is valid or A isinvalid. A three-way logic might allow a "maybe": "A is valid", as well as" A is invalid", as well as "A is valid" and "A is invalid". The Logic ofBuddhism further adds the case: neither "A is valid" nor "A is invalid" tothe three others. This, of course, is very abstract. An example, traditionalin logic and philosophical onthology: A table. The two-fold logic dividesthe world into table and everything else: "non-table", the remaining set.Constructivists have noted that it makes a lot more sense to point to a chairwith the words: "This is not a table!" than to a sunset, for example. Andthen there are the mixed cases, e.g. a table-chair-hybrid in form of a table-topwith two legs, nailed onto a chair. A table-chair. So here we have an "A"as well as its opposite and then something in-between and finally, as fourthquality, something being completely outside of the described dimension.

Quite simple, actually, once one has managed to let go of the "hardreality" of the table top. But obviously in "hard" groups of scientists,with their contesting form of discourse, the language culture does not allowmuch time for the contemplation of sunsets amidst the fixing ofhierarchies.

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