Birds and Power Line EMFs

Birds and Power Line EMFs

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Dear Mr. Pellatt:
Re: BCTC VITR Project - EMFs and Health Hazards
Intervenor, Kyong H. Nam

Attached please find Exhibit I - Presentation to BCUC Commissioners on EMFs, Exhibit II - Homes, Birds and Power Line EMFs, and Exhibit III - Letter to Mr. Bruce Barrett explaining how Health an EMF Experts made mistake in drafting Consensus Statement for Manitoba Clean Environment Commission. Please take necessary action to present these to BCUC commissioners. You may contact me at (604)946-9613.

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Dr. Kyong H. Nam Ph.D. & P. Eng.
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Figure 11. The foregoing three figures (9-11) show again that birds do not like
distribution lines, which are the top three lines. The fourth highest line is the ground
wire, on which most birds have perched.
Figure 12. Swallows sitting on the ground wire.
Fig. 13. Crows also chose the ground wire, not power lines