Working file concerning the murders in Jedwabne

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Siedmiu oskarżonych w swoich wyjaśnieniach złożonych do protokołu rozprawy w dniu 16 maja 1949 r. podało, że w trakcie postępowania przygotowawczego stosowano wobec nich przymus fizyczny w postaci bicia dla wymuszenia określonych oświadczeń procesowych. Miano ich zmuszać, aby przyznawali się do winy i obciążali innych współoskarżonych. Odnośnie tego podali, co następuje: Bolesław Ramotowski: „Na zeznaniach zmuszony byłem mówić i na inne osoby, bo byłem bardzo bity. Mówiłem na Zawadzkiego Jana, Żyluków i innych”

** Here are a few excerpts from the depositions in 1949 before the Criminal Court  of Lomza. These excerpts were taken from the resolution S 1 /00/Zn  for the discontinuance of inquiry on June 30 2003, by procurator Ignatiew.

[ depositions by;]

Boleslaw Ramotowski: "During my depositions I was forced to speak accusing other people, because I was severely beaten. I accused Jan  Zawadzki, Zulikow and  others."

Czeslaw Lipinski: "During my depositions I said what they demanded of me to say because I was severely beaten."

Wladyslaw  Dabrowski: " During my depositions that is what I said, because I was beaten and afraid of  further beatings..(...) I was beaten in a cruel (gruesome) (horrible) (atrocious), way";

Roman Gorski: "During  my deposition I was severely beaten, and I said my deposition  under the threat  of pain from beating";

Jerzy Laudanski: " I signed my deposition  under coercion (threat), because I was beaten and tortured, but in reality [ what I said then] was not so; what I said was extorted from me, because they told me: "Either you say so , or you will die right here";

Zygmunt Laudanski: " I did not see [Mr.] Zyluk in the market square, I gave evidence against him under coercion (threat)(intimidation )";

Wladyslaw Miciura:" During my deposition I said, what they wanted , because I did not want , them to take away ( hurt)(injure) (destroy) my health".

Bronislawa Kalinowska: "During the trial ( hearing) the witness recanted  her previous testimony. She stated, that she lied ( told untruth) ,because (since) " that man, who interrogated me , told me  to say so, he yelled at me, beknal ( her is the end of my knowledge of colloquial Polish and more so English) I became frightened, and what they wrote [as my testimony] , I do not know."  Bronislawa Kalinowska added, that she is illiterate, and that the recorder wrote, what he wanted[ what he chose] . She assured, that she during this hearing , is telling the truth."

1.R.Z. legal proceedings ,classification number  S 17 /02/ZK, of the Departmental Committee for Prosecution of Crimes against Poland, a copy was obtained of the protocol from the hearing  of witness M.R. held on July 26, 1998. M.R. was detained and held in arrest  in the {PUBP] County Office of Public Security in Lomza.((note: PUBP was also Polish Communists County Office  of the Polish Police, Secret Police))As he [M.R.] testified: "Together with me in the  cell was Stanislaw  Zejer from around Jedwabne. I know  that Zejer, during the interrogation was beaten and maltreated. I know that he was sentenced to 8 years in prison".

02/06/2018, Translation of the text above [from Polish]: Agnieszka | Witold